Chinese Grips ?

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I am wondering if anyone out there knows what the Chinese women are wearing as grips and how I might find them to give them a try?:confused:


I don't think a lot of Chinese gymnasts wear grips; or at least they didn't really used to wear them in the past. I'm curious to find out what they're using nowadays.


At 2007 Worlds in Stutgartt Germany, it appeared that the chinese women were wearing "home made" grips in witch consisted of foam and some athletic tape. I can't answer for sure, but before they would go up on the UB they appeared to be pulling the tape tighter that was tied around their wrists. I don't know that would recomend it to any body I coach (those being boys) but it appeared to work alright for them.
I would get suggestions from your coach. He or she maybe would like you to wear a certain type.

Hope that helps!:bars:
Not open for further replies.