Choosing 4 out of the 6 men apparatus

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Jul 19, 2019
Hello, beginner adult gymnast here - posted about my roundoff for advice sometime ago and it is slowly improving :)

Different question today: so far I have been mostly doing floor and, more recently, vault. Those are there to stay, but eventually
I would like to learn something in 4 out of the 6 men apparatus (in UK at least amateur competitions at higher levels require 4 apparatus).

Any advice on which one to choose? I don't feel particularly interested in pommel horse, but feel free to try and convince me.

A few criteria which may help: learning gymnastics is hard so I would like the two apparatus to have similarity so that learning one helps with the other (or with floor/vault but that seems less likely). I am 170cm for about 63 kg, pretty good shoulder mobility (for a standard adult, not an elite gymnast!). I have played a bit with rings and high bar, never tried parallel bars. I feel like I would like to learn high bar the most, but perhaps parallel bars and rings have more similarities?

Thanks in advance!
Rings was always one of my favorites, and is probably one of the easiest to learn as an adult, since half the skills are based more on strength than on precise technique.
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