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Apr 25, 2012
Our booster club is trying to determine what meets we can afford to attend and which ones are absolutely necessary. Our coach says our optional athletes MUST either compete at Las Vegas or Florida each year but is very, very vague as to why. Our booster club is deep in the red and needs to cut any and everything that isn't required.

We are from Illinois and I know our compulsory boys only have to attend one sanctioned meet to qualify for state. Can someone please explain how qualifications are determined for regionals and nationals?

Do they really have to go to particular meets in particular places in order to qualify to go onto regionals and nationals? And, if so, what are the requirements?
I would guess that the coach wants the boys to experience the kind of competition they will face at Regionals and Nationals at some point during the season, though sounds like he could explain it better. I don't know what the state is of the boys program in your area, but I know some areas of the country would not be able to find meets with significant upper level boys competition without traveling some distance to go to the larger invitationals.
Thanks for your reply. That could definitely be a consideration. Our main concern is whether it is REQUIRED.

We've lost our non-profit status, we are in the red thanks to old members leaving with balances owed, and we're concerned about whether we can fund the necessary meets. So we definitely don't want to fund "vacation-type" meets to FL and Vegas that cost us a lot in travel expenses if they are not required.
With the caveat that I have girls, I don't think that it's necessary to go to either of those meets to qualify for regionals or nationals. My youngest daughter's gym has a boys program and they aren't going to either meet. We're also in Illinois. At our parent's meeting, the boys' head coach talked about qualifying and I think it's based on scores at State to qualify for regionals and either scores or placements at Regionals to qualify for Nationals. I'll admit I was confused because qualifications changed depending on level and age.

I'd talk to the coach for more information. It sounds like the boys program is going through their changes in the upcoming season and there's still a lot of confusion over the details.
The booster club needs to talk this over with the coach, and explain the financial situation. If his arguement is about finding a meet with good competition, hopefully he will partner with you to find the least expensive meet that will accomplish this goal. One note about Vegas though, we consistently go to travel meets here because it is the least expensive travel distination, if you want to make it that. Cheap hotels, cheap food, usually can find cheap flights and plently of free entertainment(though not always wholesome, you will be entertained walking down the strip!)
You do not need to travel out of state/region for your meets. At all. I call BS and that this is a coach preference. Fun meet, vacation, great competition, etc.
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I do not think it is a rule or required but probably more that maybe going to these out of state meets have exposure (recruiters, experience against other high level guys from around the country) for the level 9 and 10. To get to state you have to qualify with a set score from one in state meet. The number can vary depending on your state. To get to regionals, again it is a set score that you get at state and varies by region. New this year is the ability for level 8 along with level 9 and 10 to go to Nationals if they qualify with a certain score and a certain number of slots available, which varies by region. This yr Nationals will be in Portland,OR. I see you are in IL and that is a very competitive state and has some very good high level meets, Windy City being one I think of because even men's college teams come to it and many out of state gyms come to that one, so make sure you go to that one since it is close to home. You may just have to lay the numbers down to the coach and ask how can we fund these meets, it may come down to those parents of the upper level covering it if the coach insists and the older boys do want to go out of state.
My question is why is the boosters responsible for meets like this?? This is a gym responsibility not a booster responsibility. Nor is it legal for the gym to require you to pay for meets. The booster CAN but is not required to put some money towards meets but not to the extent that they are constantly in the red. They should make a realistic budget based on last years fundraising ability and then the boosters determine how they want to spend that money. The gym has no say what so ever in how boosters spend money (if you are operating legaly). As a booster club I would tell the gym we have $xxx dollars to put towards meets anything above and beyond that will have to come from the parents of he gymnasts or the gym will have to figure out how they are going to get the money for it.

With that said there is no REQUIREMENT to have to do any meets out of state. Just do any sanctioned meets anywhere will do. I would say the owner is the one that wants to go to those far meets but probably so they can see others in the nation, but usually there are alot closer meets that can accomplish the same thing.
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