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If you could choose anyone to design your DD's routines who would you pick? Whose routines do you like the best? I think Nastia's choreographer is really good but you almost have to be a ballerina to pull it off the way Nastia does.


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Nov 15, 2008
Though I am sure no one here is familiar with her work, I wouldn't go farther than my own dd's gym. Our floor and beam coach is a former ballerina and national dance team choreographer. The routines she designs for our girls are to die...very original and personalized to each girls personality and strengths. The only down side to the girls is that she exclusively chooses their input or wishlists. They get over it pretty quick though, especially when they start winning with their routines:). I do not know the names of the choreographer's for the Olympic level girls...I loved everyone's floor at the Olympics, but Alicia's was my dd's fav.
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