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Has anyone here had any experience in choosing a person to choreograph your gymnasts beam and floor routines? Our gym has asked us to find one on our own. We have music that we love but what do you look for in a choreographer and where are they?


Our coach is a judge and knows some coaches at other gyms who also do choreography. She was able to make recommendations. You could call other gyms close to you in bigger cities and find out if they bring in a choreographer or if they do their own and does their coach ever do them for other gyms. Find out cost. We were lucky to have a wonderful choregrapher in house but she didn't get along with some of the girs so we went outside and a coach from across the state traveled and did 4 routines in one weekend. Average cost for us in FL is about $500 plus expenses for a level 10 routine. (beam and floor both)

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Dec 23, 2006
At our old and present gym, the routines were done by coaches from the gym. Old gym did have girls training elite and they got their routines done by the team director. She charged about $400 for a floor routine. The Level 8s there used a recycled floor routine. If the girl was still there that had used it, then you did a couple of privates with her---if that girl was gone then usually the team director would work with the new Level 8 to teach the routine. Beam routines were done by another coach.

At our present gym, they have someone come in during the summer and she does quite a few of the routines. My daughter started just about when she left to go back to college, so a new and upcoming coach did her floor ex for $170 and will do her beam for $100. My gymie is a Level 7(may compete some 8 later in the season).
Aug 3, 2007
After being around for a few years, I thought I knew what to look for when choosing a choreographer. But, at this point, I'll take anyone! My dd just switched to high school gymnastics and no one is calling us back in a search for a choreographer. Is it the high school thing? Do they just not want to get involved? In case you were wondering, her coach can't help yet because hs season hasn't officially started. When it does, she'll have exactly one month until the first meet, which isn't a lot of time for a new routine. I can't believe no one wants to touch her (yes, I'm taking it personal) because when she competed club, she was one of the best gymnasts in the state in her age group.
Good luck. To answer your question, a gymnast's coach usually has a list of choreographers and will try to match your dd up with someone that has a style similar to the gymnast and chosen music. (Hope she's not doing high school!)


Thanks for your replies. Here's a funny story... I walked into our pet store and was talking to the owner. Turns out the owner's sister used to train at the gym my daughter goes to and now choreographs routines! So we will meet with her soon and perhaps it will work out:) My daughter will do level 8 while moving her skills to a level 9 through the year, so i've been told. New gym, new way of training...
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