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Aug 3, 2008
Chusovitina number NINE in the world at age 33!!!!!!!!!!

She is my hero. Showing even adults can be world class gymnasts. Nothing short of amazing, and proving to all that gymnastics is not just for little girls.



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Jan 4, 2008
I think she will be the first of many older gymnasts. The trend has really started to change since the last olympics when several countries, including the USA competed with gymnasts in their mid twenties to late twenties and early 30's. Gymnastics is changing and women are now doing a lot more of what the men do. There is more emphasis on strength in order to do these skills. Less on flexibility. Women in their 20's and early 30's have the advantage over teenagers as they have gained their adult strength.

The other difference is that now there is more money in sport. Gymnastics requires its top competitors to train 30-40 hours a week. This is often doable while they are at school. But in the past it has been difficult when gymnasts get older as they need to get a job and support themselves which is extremely difficult to do while training takes up as many hours as a second full time job. But these days there is more opportunity available for sponsership, professional gymnastics and other ways to make mpney while training.

gym mom

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Sep 8, 2007
When I heard her story was so amazed.She is a great inspiration !I am 33 and never thought it would be possible to do what she does at our age .Would love to see 20&30 year olds more in the olympic it makes you realize anything is possible!
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