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I was working team and now they've bumped me down to pre level 1 through level 3 trying to groom some kids for competition.

What I like to do are stations so everyone is moving and so we get to try lots of new things, but sometimes i feel like some kids dont benefit from it.

On floor I set up around the floor. Dive rolls [dive over a mat onto a 4-incher], handstands against a big cheese on its side, cartwheels across the rainbow colored panel mats [they have to try to stretch across the colors], roundoffs and cartwheels off of panel mats, bridge standup and handstand bridge kickovers[ with hands or feet on a mat to help]

Beam we do warm ups with walks forwards, backwards side, grapevine, bunny hops, kicks, straddle walks and then we do forward rolls and backward rolls on low beams and with beam cushions. we also do handstands against panel mats at the end of the beam

Vault we do handstand flatbacks off a board to an 8incher and we work our runs and armcircles and jumps.

Bars we work casts and pullovers [using mats to kick off of] and backhipcircles and straddle/pike on
We have started working shoot thrus and mill circles [those arent going so great]]

I need new things though. Or new Drills. I dont know. anything at all that can help liven things up a bit.
Oct 12, 2008
Pivot turns on beam.

The all-important back roll on floor, if that is too easy have them start progressing to back extensions. One thing I like to do sometimes is have handstand competitions. Do this right before you go to a new event or just before you go home. Winner of the competition goes home/gets a drink of water and another round commences with one less gymnast until the last 2 or 3, then I send them all home (or to get water).

Vault is... well... vault. You may want to do blocking drills. Have the girls do handstand blocks or do a vault up to an 8-inch mat where they have to block up to it.

Bars it sounds like you have all the basic skills covered. Maybe try swing half turns?
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