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Classic Rock this weekend

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by LindyHopper, Feb 5, 2018.

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  1. Who is gonna be at Classic Rock in Phoenix this weekend? Short Stack goes on Friday morning.
  2. We’ll be there!
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  3. Chalkbucket meet-up! Will be my first. I will touch base later this week.

    Anyone else want in?
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  4. We are hoping to go next year, let us know how the meet is!
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  5. just saw this :) we are in
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  6. My dd was supposed to be there for 9/10 travel trip, but had knee surgery instead :( She really, really, really, really, really, really wanted to go, but it's too soon and not in the financial cards at the moment anyway. The team travel meet is always the highlight of her season, but this one more special because she will be going to college there.

    I hope it goes well for everyone! Have fun and soak up some beautiful, warm, non-snowy sun for us!!
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  7. Non-snowy! Yay!!! We'll be missing a 8-12 dump of snow while we are in AZ.

    So sad to hear that your DD won't be able to make it. Wishing her a rapid recovery.

    Thanks for the well wishes!
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  8. ASU? I think I either missed that or forgot. Great! I am very intrigued by their men's program, actually. My son really wants to do college gym still, but there just are not many options and I doubt that, as a young and slowly developing athlete, he'll be enough of a superstar to get anyone's attention.
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  9. Thank you so much! Sorry you can't be here to soak up some sun! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!
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  10. We are here but my dd fractured her ankle 3-4 weeks ago so we are only spectators instead of competing level 10. :(. Injuries are so hard but the travel meet is the highlight of the season and has helped to keep her spirits up that we still made the trip. Good luck to all!
  11. Good luck to all -- so sorry to hear about these injuries. But if you're there, have fun and enjoy the sun, especially if you come from a place where you're seeing the grey skies and snow on the ground that I'm seeing this morning!
  12. I hope she heals quickly and gets back to business soon!
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  13. Do most gyms only do 1 “travel” meet?

    Ours did metroplex, Chicago-style, and savanah meet as our big travel meets this year. Also going to LA for local travel meet from northern ca
  14. That’s an awful lot of travel — do all levels do that or just L10?
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  15. When we were in northern CA there were usually two predictable travel meets- one to SoCal and one to Vegas. Our gym in SoCal did one meet to nyc every year and every other year added an Orlando meet. Current gym has no meets out of state at all- not even the state that’s 20 minutes from their door. We have four other states that we could get to in under three hours, but nope. Shrug.
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  16. We usually do one or two out of state (within driving distance) and an additional "flyaway" meet. But another local gym has 5 meets this season with a minimum of a 5 hour drive.
  17. Our optionals do one flyaway meet, but the rest are typically within 3-5 hours (our compulsory state meet is actually 5 hours away!).
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  18. DD gym does one Big Travel Meet, the Bahamas this year. (We two can get to three states in under 2 hours.) The rest we seem to stay in state, I assume this is to give more chances for athletes to qualify. I read that to qualify for states, in our state, the meet had to be an in-state meet.
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  19. We usually do one family-travel, that is outside of our region (usually Florida or east-coast-y), where we parents come along. Then the 8-10s or 9-10s do one team-only travel. Classic rock was their team trip. That's the one my dd looks forward to every year. We usually do 3-4 more out of state but within our region.
  20. interesting - there are meets where parents AREN'T allowed to attend? I wonder if that practice can continue in this environment?

    I was talking to Sunisa Lee's dad at the chicago-style meet this weekend and he indicated that the new rule is that at least 1 parent must attend all meet and camps...
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