clear hips

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If you don't have your clearhip yet, a great drill is to put a relatively tall mat/block right behind the bar. Do your attempted clear hip as normal, and when you come around, try to stand back on the mat. It really worked for my level six team last year, and has already helped several new hopefuls!
Great drill

It also really helps to work them on a low strap bar. It takes away a lot of the friction and you can really crank them around.
Yep our girls work it on the strap bar a lot. Even the ones that already have a decent one. They can still work it higher and clearer on straps.
How do you convince the girls not to be scared of the bar? I know some of my teammates can get handstand every time on the strap bar, but when they get to regular, they crumple and barely make horizontal, if that. It's really frustrating when I'm trying to give them advice, cuz I know their form is good and everything is alright, but they aren't going all out.
Spotting would be the best way. If they can do them on the strap bar, then they are very close. I would recommend having a coach spot them over and over on the regular bar. If they are scared, they won't do it until they're more comfortable with it. Just takes time and practice.
I have sen that same problem over and over in our gym to. they can do a perfect cast to handstand or clearhip or giant, then come to the regular bars and are afraid . Our coach just spots them untill they are not afraid anymore. Sometimes it takes a long time.
While working clear hips to handstand keep in mind that clear hips are back extensions on the bars. A clear hip hand is the same as the back extension to handstand on the floor.
I LOVE this tip. My daughter is just starting to learn clear hips. She has struggled with how to shift her hands so she can shoot out of it. I will definitly tell her to think of her back extension to handstand on floor and we'll see what happens!!!
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