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So we're all wearing leotards a lot of the time, but what about when you're not at the gym? I love to be girly and wear skirts, the latest trends, and makeup. What about you guys?
Definitely the same, but I also like to try random stores that are fairly unique to the mall I'm at or just stores I haven't seen before.
hahaa when im I not at the gym?

Sweatpants if im just being lazy or jeans if im like hanging out or going out. Jean skirts sometimes. yeah I like Hollister and abercrombie.
when im not at the gym it depends where i am! if im at school, then i have to wear my uniform (YUCK!) but when im going out i usually go for jeans and a really nice top, or leggings and a "shirt dress" kind of thing. im really into the latest trends, but idk i think i'll always wear leggings with big sweat shirts even if it does go out of style haha. if im at home, out come the 10,000 pair of sweat pants!
I know! Leggings are so comfortable, especially thermal ones. It's almost like wearing sweats. Right now, I'm really into tights. I have gray, black, white, plum, and teal.
And I'm known for always haveing really cute matching shoes, a lot of ballet flats and for having a headband to match every outfit. My friends are always begging me to dress down for school just once! I kind of did for one day of exams-I wore a fitted whie sweatshirt with a pink top underneath, dark jeans, pink moccasins, and a pink headband to match. My friends said that wasn't down enough for them, but I felt so lazy!
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