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May 4, 2012
Just wondering what the National average for tuition is across the nation for level 5 going 9 hours per week.. we pay around 225 and was wondering if that was fair.


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May 14, 2011
You are going to hear a wide variety of ranges of what is "normal," depending on what part of the country you're in. My DD did 10 hours a week for level 5 for$215/month last year, so you're right in line with that. We are in the northeast but not near a large city (where I would expect tuition to be more).


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Jan 30, 2012
We pay around $200 for L5/9 hours a week. Not really sure what it is exactly without looking at a credit card statement, but it's around $200.

Deleted member D3987

that's to ambiguous a question. different areas require different tuition's. but what you're paying could be fair.


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Mar 12, 2010
Our 4's go 9 hrs a week for $175. Our 5's go 15 hrs for $235. This includes an hour of ballet. And we ARE in a big metropolitan area.
Nov 2, 2011
Our 5's go 11.5 hrs & it's $165. AL is on the low side for tuition though. My level 9 goes 17.5hrs & it's $180. We are probably the lowest in the entire state, mainly bc owner is in her 80's.


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Jan 28, 2011
Not only do you need to look at the location and cost of living, but also what is included in tuition and what the other fees are as well as the gym facility and coaching ratio and expertise. There are so many variables it is hard to compare. For instance, our gym has a slightly higher monthly tuition than gym x down the road. But, gym x pays a $300 fee in the fall to pay for the coaches to coach the meets whereas our gym owner pays the coaches for meets. At some gyms the monthly tuition can include all meet fees, other gyms it includes nothing and you pay a bunch extra on top of the monthly fee.
Also, gym x may have state of the art equipment, foam pit, tumble track, air conditioning, etc, and gym y may have no AC and only basic equipment.
So, in order to get an idea of what is "fair" for tuition, you may be better off comparing nearby programs where you can also find out all the other variables.


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May 14, 2011
I agree that you need to compare facilities, other fees, etc. And just because you might be near a city I did not mean to imply it would/should cost more. There is a higher cost of living here in New England than say, the southwest.


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Dec 13, 2010
Sigh... This conversation always drives it home how expensive it is to live where we live. We pay $275 for 9 hours a week.

But, yes every gym handles their financing differently some with higher tuition and lower fees, some with higher fees and lower tuition. Rent prices for the gym and equipment, coaching quality, gym reputation and a plethora of other things all play into it.


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Feb 22, 2012
Yes, its always depressing to see what other people are paying, especially when we pay so much - our L4's go 15 hours a week and we are up to $450 a month! yikes....:eek:


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Jun 11, 2009
I always think this is an interesting topic. We pay around $150 for 9 hours. We live in a subarb in the south. On top of this, we pay booster fees and meet fees. We don't have a large team, but we go to a large gym with very nice equipment.
Sep 23, 2009
$260 a month for 9 hours a week... hourly that is $7. You can't even hire a babysitter for that cheap around here!


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Sep 4, 2009
Here in California(at least in the major metro areas - LA, San Diego, SF Bay Area) you can expect to pay $250 to $350 for 9 hours. BUT you can't hire a babysitter for less than $10 an hour here, so people don't seem to balk much at paying $7 to $10 an hour for gymnastics training.


Oct 3, 2011
The Gym
For my club, I pay $525 monthly for 30 hours a week. Also, a $1,870 booster club fee OR we get the option to participate in all of the fundraisers. I choose the fundraisers every year. And, I'm from Minnesota!


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Sep 3, 2011
We pay $228 per month for 9 hours at level 4. Next year at level 5 we will be paying $268 for 12 hours per week.


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Oct 25, 2010
For my club, I pay $525 monthly for 30 hours a week. Also, a $1,870 booster club fee OR we get the option to participate in all of the fundraisers. I choose the fundraisers every year. And, I'm from Minnesota!

Yikes!! Holy cow! We'd be done. We pay $205 a month for level 5, 12 hours a week. Meet fees are $800. Uniform is around $300 every two years. Your $525 doesn't include the meet/coaches' fees? I'm in shock, I need to lie down . . .

For 20 hours we pay $325 and fees are $900.
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