MAG Club Track?

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Men's Artistic Gymnastics
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Proud Parent
Feb 28, 2018
I went to the USAG page to register my son and saw there was a new addition to Men’s Gymnastics called Club Track. It seems like a great idea, it’s supposed to be like Xcel for boys and it was described as being a way for boys to have gymnastics as a second sport. But then it also said it was a “way to fast track boys into team”, so I didn’t understand that.

Has Club Track now replaced JD? I know they re-did levels. While it doesn’t affect us, I was just curious. MAG seems to be inclined to making big changes every 4 years, but in my opinion, it would be most beneficial to also focus on options for boys to continue to do gymnastics after high school. NCAA programs are endangered.


Proud Parent
May 7, 2020
It is not meant to replace JD. JD has moved to the new L7 in the "National" track.

The Club track is meant as a competitive rec program, and it is meant to be run locally (e.g., competitions within a gym or between local gyms). From my understanding, it is meant to help grow boys programs and to allow gyms without boys' teams or without all boys equipment to have competitions for their recreational gymnasts to present their skills in front of judges.
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