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My high school may be cutting its gymnastics team next year because of budget cuts and lack of interest. I would have nowhere to compete :( My mother suggested that maybe, if I was willing to sacrifice other activities, I could look into competing for a club.

A lot of club girls I'm friends with look down on high school because they insist that high school gymnasts are not very talented, receive poor coaching (which may be true, I got injured this year while she was spotting me and I never have been injured before), and are not recruited by colleges. This makes club seem much more appealing.

But other club girls I'm friends with who also do high school say they prefer high school to club simply because it's more fun.

I never competed USAG before, so I'm assuming I would start pre-team although I have approximately Level 6-7 skills (or would I?)

If anyone could tell me what this transition might be like, the pros and cons of club and high school, etc. I would be forever in your debt. :D
Hello! I'm sorry to hear your high school team is getting cut. Luckily for us our school is sports obsessed and number one in most of the teams, so only junior high is getting cut. Haha we joke our teachers care more about the sports than us.. it's true haha. I think you'd love club! What skills do you have? That might be easier to say what level you'd be placed it. I'm not sure how much more fun high school is than club. Our gym team is top in the state, and we have level 10's on our team and it seems just as hardcore as some club teams. I do know that the girls have a lot more fun because of who they are with. Club is most likely more hours, depending on how many days you will go. It's more strict, more conditioning, but you definetly improve faster, and it's a nicer environment for someone who is serious. Good luck!
Thank you so much! I felt kind of awkward in high school because it's so much more relaxed and my team wanted to goof around whereas I'm used to an extremely strict, silent atmosphere in ballet and felt strange being one of the few of us working...

Skill-wise I have loads more dance than tumbling o O In high school my coach decided I ought to work more on dance than tumbling, so beam in particular I have a lot to catch up on.

Bars: bhc, Kip, long hang kip, toe-shoots, layout flyaway: working giant, kch, clear hip

Beam: Switchleap switchleap, 3/2 turn, cartwheel (<-- fail), tucked front dismount, sing leg mount to scale with leg in extreme back extension (BHS high school cop) : working switch straddle, sheep, double turn, pike front...and tumbling

Vault: Handspring...\o/

Floor: flip flop, back tuck, RO FF back, punch front, switch ring, memmel? (double turn with leg in front at head height), walkovers working: layout (front and back)...tumbling in general

So I guess I'd be more of a level 5...not sure if all that helped any
Nice! You have some level 7 skills, and it seems like your dance is really strong. I love the Memmel!! I have a picture posted on my wall, so cool :] I think focusing on your floor and beam would definetly help. For a level seven your bars and vault seem good.

Sounds like you'd be good for club! They are much more serious, and depending which gym you'd like to go to, they all have a level of how serious they are about goofing off. It's lots of fun, and you will improve and learn a lot. As corny as this sounds, competitive teaches you great work ethic, and lots of great lessons that you'll keep with you as you get older. And of course, lots of memories :]
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