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Jan 18, 2009
My dd and her coach seem to be butting heads right now. I see both sides, and am really at a loss of what to do. DD gets bored easily and when she is bored she gets lazy and the coach is really getting upset. I understand the coachs frustration, but I also do not want my daughter pushed out of gymnastics becasue she has been doing the same thing for a few months. She is 6 and her class is one that is supposed to go to L4 next.
I guess my question is should I talk to the coach, or just try to stay out of it and see if they can work it out. Thanks


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Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
That is a hard one. My daughter is one that gets bored easily when they aren't learning new skills and it has been a struggle for her when they are only focusing on routines, skills, etc that she needs for L4/competing and she really wants to work on level 5 and 6 skills. Her best gym buddy (age 7) is the same way, they both need to be constantly challenged and neither of them have the understanding that the little things need to be perfected, etc, which is why they work on them over and over.

Some kids just have a natural ability to pay attention, want to focus on perfecting the details, etc and others really don't have the patience for that yet. :D I think most 6yos get easily bored, though a few of DDs teammates are really focused and pay attention, etc. I wish mine was one of them, but it is just not her personality, at the gym, at home, school work, no where, LOL.

Good luck and welcome to the Chalk Bucket!


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Jan 4, 2008
From a coaches point of view, if I were your daughters coach I would want you to come and speak to me. Being in the situation, the coach may not be seeing the whole picture clearly. He/shee may just see your daughter getting lazy and not what is behind it. It can help to hear it from a parent.
Feb 26, 2007
I would take an appointment to talk to the coach outside of the class. It is good to find out what the issues are.In gym the gymmies really need to want to be there and to work hard.

My youngest can flake off once in a while, but it is not often and a few words from the coach fixess her up. However when she was 6 she was worse so we pulled her out of gym for a few month until she begged to go back. It hasn't hurt her progression and now she gets that gym is a privelidge and not a right.

Kids are all so different, it is good to work out what makes them tick.
Oct 27, 2008
Colby, Kansas
As a coach I would much rather have a parent talk to me if nothing else at least to recognize my frustration. I really like having parents talk to me rather than hold things in. I keep a very open forum in the gym comments and questions are always welcome. I would also talk to your daughter and tell her she needs to focus when her coach is speaking to her and at least try to do what coach is asking.


I think you should talk to the coach too--especially since she's only 6. Let him/her know why your dd's is goofing off and ask what you can do to help the situation.


My dd has gone through moments like that too. She gets bored out of her mind doing the same routines over and over again. She is also very young (5 years old L4). Normally she won't say anything but you can see it in her performance. And she also starts to say things like: I don't want to go to gym today, she makes up excuses etc. It seems she goes in and out theses cycles.

Now I know how to remedy them a bit. When I see she is getting impatient with her current level/routine I offer her a private class to work higher level skills. She has to work for it though. She has to try her best in class for X amt of time before earning her "private". One private gets her going for a few weeks atleast. She does giants, kips, jump to high bar, back tucks etc. Her choice. Her coach spoils her a little:D.

Right now she is happy side of the cycle again because she just started L4 3wks ago so it's still "new". But I know it'll all change in a few weeks. And I am getting ready to dish out $45.00 for a private....:)

Good luck to your dd and welcome to CB!
Jan 18, 2009
Glad to know I'm not the only mom with a gymmie with talent, but that does not fit the angel mode. My other dd is like that. Thanks
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