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I have know for the past three months that my daughters coach is going into the military. She got her date yesterday. She leaves in two weeks. Thius coach has been my daughters biggest fan for the last three years. She put my daughter on the team. We have also gotten friendly with her and she has babysat for us.
Today she told her that she was leaving today. Needless to say she broke down and cried and cried. There was no good time to do this. She told me that she knew it would be okay but she is sad. I suggested making a card and sending letters. My 7 year old has a broken heart. She did say that one of the new coaches was nice and she liked him. This coach is one of the few consistant things in her life.
Coaching change

My Dd was the same age when her coach left the gym for good. At age 7 she didn"t understand the logitics of the real reason why her fav coach left but she did. She did tell her she would moniter her progress. It was her job to carry her touch of fine gymnatics a work hard attitude and by doing so it would be like she was never gone. She was the first to call her when she heard she made states. she sent her a card and put her picture on her wall at home. We are african-American and her friends and family would visit and she wouls always say that was her girl. She got used to the new coach and they are good friends now. Just eb sure to push each party to uphold the comminication with each other. It is alot easier now with computers...A game of geogrphy works well for her age. Where in the world is my old coach??
awwww,sad for your little one medic :(... good to hear that she likes one of the new coaches though!! I assume coach is going into basic? Trust me, she will appreciate cards/letters very much...
It is really hard when coaches leave, a few of mine just left and I was extremely sad but it is nice to know that I can still call and e-mail and write letters. I like to think about how happy they are and that they are doing well. That makes me less sad!!
I guess on the up side, your dd made team before this coach left and has started to feel comfortable with one of her new coaches. That should ease things a little when her fav coach leaves. Makes it harder because the relationship continued outside of the gym, so she must feel like she's losing not only a coach, but a friend.

Try having your dd pick out a small gift to give her, have a little party for all the kids she's coached and maybe get your dd to write a weekly letter about what's she doing in gym. If the coach is headed to any kind of basic training she won't have alot of time for email, but I'm sure the notes would brighten her day. Having spent some time in the military, I can tell you her time in the beginning will be very limited as far as getting in touch with your dd and you will have to explain that to her. When you take pics of dd with her team and at meets make sure dd knows some will go to her coach.

I would encourage you to help build a nice relationship with her new coaches. No, they will never take the place of the one who is leaving, but you can talk with her about how her old coach wants her to grow and move on in gymnastics and its ok to like another coach too. I think she'll do just fine as she gets busier with team, school and knows she can keep in touch with her former coach.
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