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Coach Posting Videos of Gymnasts With “Attitude”: Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by Laylathegymnast, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. This was my thought as well. If it were my kid, at the very least I would be reporting it to the gym owner. My DD deserves the freedom to be able to have a bad day and to not be mocked publicly for it. She would be completely mortified if her coach posted publicly.

    It interesting how this coach has no problem publicly calling out the girls, but gets upset when someone calls her out publicly.
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  2. I don’t have an issue, really, with the videos posted. I can see why some would, but I don’t have that reaction when viewing them.

    I do take issue with her attitude toward Safe Sport.

    The gymnastics community needs to stop viewing Safe Sport with disproportionate weight to it’s potential to ruin innocent coaches. It needs to be viewed as the authority to determine nuances that others are not qualified to make. Parents need to feel comfortable reporting, even if they are 99% sure everything is fine. We will get nowhere changing the culture of abuse if reporting parties feel that they are hurting the business and feelings of the coaches. Safe Sport is there to bear this burden, and do their job. Coaches need to understand that there is a process and should encouage the reporting of any relevant concerns to Safe Sport. Part of this change of culture is that you will get crazy parents reporting benign things, or a competing business may maliciously make a false report. With a big picture focus, I’d rather a parent feel comfortable reporting, than fear any repercussions from a false report on a coach or business.
  3. I have watched this again to see if there is justification to make fun of gymnasts and I just don't get it and don't see how it fosters positive learning.
    We are only seeing a very small clip. Maybe the gymnast was just ripped a strip because of something, maybe she has tried that particular vault 14 times and she's not getting it. Maybe her dog died that day.
    I don't know how many coaches would like it if a parent walked around and videoed a moment in time of them yelling, having that OMG face, shaking their head, putting their hands in their face. I really don't think they would appreciate it. Let me tell you I could have made many of these with my dd last coach.
    But its wrong. Other kids being involved in watching the coach say this or that kid has an attitude is just wrong. You have a problem with the kid and she continues to be a problem. Then deal with the problem. But mocking a kid doesn't foster good and happy behaviour.
    How would you feel at work hearing your boss say on a daily basis that your not working hard enough or your work product sucks and videoing it. I would be mad.
    We are seeing one split moment in time and we don't know what made that/those gymnast have that face at that moment. What can be controlled is an adult making fun of it.
    I can't agree that this is acceptable. No way. I would be so mad if someone did this to my dd.
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  4. Agree.

    Or, on the flip side... is the “fame” actually encouraging the very attitude she is calling out? I mean, after all, the kids who are willing to act out for the camera are getting a lot of the coaches attention and a share of her Instafame!

    A reply on her instagram posts defends her by saying she only has this relationship with a select few of the gymnasts who can handle it. The poster seemed to think that was a good thing, but I find that very bothersome as well. I can see that leading to perceived favoritism and a lot of jealousy in an environment that already has enough intersquad competition going on.

    Bottom line, it’s just very odd to me. I can’t go so far as calling it abuse, but I do feel like certain kids (like my own) would be very stressed by those types interactions happening around her.
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  5. Yes exactly. I don’t think anyone on this thread has called for her job or is trying to ruin her life. The majority just feel that posting the videos are in poor judgement and I think everyone would be satisfied if she removed the attitude cam from her Instagram. I don’t think anyone or even Safe Sport would want further action other than just removing the videos.

    Fear of repercussions is what allowed the abuse to continue for so long. Innocent coaches need not fear an investigation.
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  6. The issue at the moment is that EVERY safe sport violation is put on to the Suspended Members | Members with Restrictions list while the investigation is occurring. Everyone knows that whatever is put on the internet, is there forever. So even if you have been cleared, if you are looking for another coaching job in the future your name has already been on that list. Theoretically just my following of Morgan Hurd on instagram would be a Safe Sport violation and could get me on that list.
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  7. Yep
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  8. Why is that?
  9. https://usagym.org/pages/education/safesport/pdfs/15quickreference.pdf

    Page 23
    Coaches, staff, volunteers and administrators shall not ‘friend’ or ‘follow’ any gymnasts or his/her parent, nor allow friending, following or the equivalent from a gymnast or parent on any personal social media account. Gymnasts and parents may only engage with an official CLUB page or account.
  10. That's a guidebook of best practices. Not a hard and fast rule.
  11. Sorry about that, I thought I would jump in and help. I should stay on the sidelines when I don't have the facts. :oops:
  12. This is inaccurate: not every SafeSport violation under investigation is posted to the list. There are multiple Chalkbucket members who have made reports or been involved in SafeSport cases (including me) that were/are not posted to the suspended/restricted list.
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  13. That's interesting to know, thank you for that information! Though it now makes me wonder how they decide what cases to post...
  14. I finally watched the video in question. Little Bit would be devastated if she ended up on this attitude cam. I would so not be ok with this
  15. I showed it to my daughter and just asked what she thought without any leading questions. She did not enjoy watching it and kept saying that they didn't have attitudes, they were just upset. And asking why they were being filmed. She said she would definitely not like being on that and thought it was mean. My 17 year old son was walking by and he was like "what the heck, why would someone film that?" Personally, I agree. It just seems mean-spirited. My daughter cries sometimes at practice when she is really frustrated WITH HERSELF. She's 10. Sometimes the coaches get frustrated and tell her to stop, but it's not like she is choosing to cry. She is just frustrated and emotional. I don't like the implication that getting frustrated and showing emotion is having a bad attitude. And regardless, I don't like the idea of putting it on display for others to see (laugh at?). I get that the coach says its an inside joke, but I don't see the need to share that with the world and mock these girls. I don't see it as abuse though, just something done in poor taste. JMO.
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  16. Maybe the type of allegation?
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