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Has any of the coaches here ever worked coaching a bipolar child? The child I am speaking of is a very talented gymnast who could potentially go very far in the sport. She picks up skills quickly and seems to enjoy being in the gym. Currently, she is a level 5 but could compete level 6 or 7. She is also very emotional, cries easily, and will get angry and not talk to anyone for periods of time. It is not a case of a spoiled child. The parents have met with coaches to discuss the child's bipolar disorder and its effects.

How do you incorporate a child such as this into the program? She reacts very well to one coach but not the the other (at her level). Some days she thrives on the intensity and some days she can't handle it.

Also, is anyone aware of special training programs/clinics/existing programs for gymnasts with emotionally special needs?

Thank you.
Aug 2, 2008
east coast
I do not know enough about this condition to respond, but if it was me I would educate myself as much as possible and keep in very close contact with the parent.

Good luck to you!


Bi Polar

Hi, my name is Don. I am a career coach (age 60), and was diagnosed with ADULT ADHD when i was 52 yrs young.

There are similarities with my condition and Bi Polar. The best reading i have come across are books by Dr. Edward Halliwell and Dr. Lynn Weiss, both of whom have ADHD.

I coach two young brothers (age 6 & 8) here in Iceland whom are both ADHD and they are a handfull and i understand what they are going through.

Try to keep the coaches eduated and keep in constant contact with the child's parent/family.

We can be challenging but we will give you every ounce of our being if you can stick with us.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by email if you have any questions or if i can be of any help. (My email address has an underscore between gymnastic and coach)

Don G. Anweiler
Ashamar 75, Apt 1D
900 Vestmannaeyjar

[email protected]
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