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today, it was -12 degrees, with a high of -1. the wind chill was -35. I had school anyway. Tomorrow, school has already been cancelled. My dad is on the school board and therefore him and I both are on a first-name basis w/the superintendent of schools. I worte him an e-mail because I believe that we should be in school. It was titled , "Budget cuts in the eyes of me" (I'd rather not post my first and last name online" It was very funny, and my parents approved. i'm also going to bring him lunch tomorrow and invite him to open gymanstics. Here it is: To the Superintendent of Waukesha Schools:
Firstly, throughout this e-mail, I would like you to keep in mind that I am not the one who begs and hopes for school to be off. That is Jessica's deal. I would rather be in school.
Normally, around budget cut time, I would be fighting for athletics and high end opportunities. The past few days, however, have opened my eyes to what is really needed in this district: guidance. I remember being taught in my first grade guidance classes never to give in to peer pressure or bullying. This lesson is one that seems to have been over looked this evening. Just because other school districts around us close, doesn't mean that you should give in to badgering parents. I was very glad that you stood your ground this morning in not canceling school, but was disappointed when I found out at about 5:30 that school was to be closed tomorrow. I will be missing many things that I needed or wanted to get accomplished, including conversations about a possible schedule change, valuable class- time essay prep in AP world history, and a new topic in one of my favorite classes. That would be yoga bootie ballet in my trends in health and fitness for a lifetime class, which I have been looking forward to for awhile. I would like to make the request that you would teach me, as you made the decision to call school. Since I have only seen you not in a suit once (my dad's birthday party), I'll help you out: shorts and T-shirt are required. Please let me know when the yoga bootie class starts. I'm sure the other district employees would like to watch or participate as well.
Thank You, Kate Finman
PS: Don't blame my mom or dad. This was 100% my idea and creation.
Not open for further replies.