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Dec 4, 2007
hello i need some help, i always miss the college gymnastics on tv. Does anyone know where i can find a schedule to know what day, time and channel it will be on?


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It's ironic I just saw this because the LSU vs. Gym Dogs just ended on espn 2. ;)
We watched too, especially loved the Georgia beam routines......9.950 and 9.975 just beautiful. We missed the last rotation but what a great meet. Courtney we will miss you! The talent in those programs ......just amazing to watch.
sorry i'm not one to stay on topic but i saw the meet today too =]
i don't remember names for the life of me but let me say the 4' 7"
gymnast from Georgia is about my hero. i love short people =]
(i'm 16 and barely 5'):p
I think if you look on your favorite college team's website, you will find the TV schedule there.
That is where I found the GA "Gyndogs" schedule not only for TV times but also for promotion items at home meets and which gymnasts will be on the concourse after the home meets to sign autographs.
If you get tivo then you can type in gymnastics in the wish list and put it on automatic record and it will record all the meets and gym shows on tv. I have it and I love it! I cant watch tv with out tivo! lol i konw its pathetic
Also, if you have the Big Ten Network, there are a variety of meets shown there as well. Here are a few upcoming meets on the Big Ten Network:

Tonight (Feb. 18th) - U. of Minnesota @ Michigan 6:30-8:30 PM (Eastern).
- this meet will also be shown again tomorrow from 12pm-2pm (Eastern)

Thursday (Feb. 21), MSU @ Illinois... 6-8pm (Eastern)
- and shown again Friday (22nd) from 10am-12pm (Eastern)

Thursday the 28th -- Penn State @ Ohio State... 6-8pm (Eastern)
- and shown again Friday (29th) 10a-12pm (Eastern)
I'm going to TWU tomorrow for a competition :]] today is the college meet there. Some of my friends are going to watch it because we know a girl on the team. but I can't go up today =[[ grrr lol
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