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Ty’s Dad

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Aug 3, 2017
I thought it was a rule now, that colleges can’t send letter or anything until the girls are 14. My daughter received a letter a couple weeks ago and it just has me wondering


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Jul 23, 2013

Division I women’s gymnastics NCAA recruiting rules​

  • Any time: Athletes can receive recruiting materials from college coaches, such as questionnaires, camp brochures, nonathletic institutional publications and NCAA educational materials published by the NCAA.
  • June 15 after sophomore year: Coaches can make calls and send athletes all forms of private electronic correspondence, including text messages, instant messages, direct messages and emails, as well as all recruiting materials. Coaches can also call athletes at this point.
  • August 1 before junior year: Athletes can begin taking unofficial and official visits to colleges.
  • August 1 before junior year: Coaches can conduct off-campus contact with athletes.
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