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Feb 16, 2022
I found the recruiting process to be very time consuming, emotionally draining, and ultimately heartbreaking. That was about 8 years ago. I’m glad to see some of the new changes, and I’ve seen gymnasts who were never on the radar get scholarships and walk-on spots their senior year.
You do need to start earlier than Junior year, as the spots are filled pretty much on June 15th for the class year of the rising juniors.
I wish all of you good luck and good stamina if your gymnast is starting the recruitment process.
Feb 16, 2022
In my little gym family, for the 2024's we are bumping up against the dead period (I think it starts in December) where coaches cant contact recruits. We have had a few 2024 who are just now getting official visit invites and are trying to squeeze a visit in before the dead period and then season. It's interesting that these gymnasts are being offered walk-on spots at major SEC programs. Part of the appeal is team NIL deals. These are solid gymnasts but by no means elite. Havent made nationals and only 1 year L10. It seems these larger SEC schools are going to be expanding their rosters because they can with NIL. Which at the end of the day is good for all of our gymnasts.


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Sep 3, 2005
Just linking in another great thread on college recruiting...

Feb 16, 2022
Some updates from our gym world and what is happening with 2024s.
  • Walk-ons are definitely benefiting from NIL and the larger programs. While these girls are not given "deals" per se, they are offered a platform or a type of job board where they can sign up for various compensation, make a post about a local bank - $300, do a handstand for a restaurant - $400, etc. Some of the big names have hired agents that seek bigger deals ala Avery Neff
  • I have read on and around message boards that certain conferences have gone to only offering 4 year scholarships. Technically all scholarships are 1 year affairs that can be renewed/cancelled by program but if a program commits to 4 years then it is assumed they will always be renewed. I can say the the B10 and the SEC do not offer 4 year scholarships as a rule (I am sure there are top names that do get them). These programs are offering 1 or 2 year scholarships with a "lets see how it goes" after.
  • Scholarships and walk-on spots are being offered up to the December dead period as well as official visits being offered during the spring. So good to know for future recruits that all is not lost if you dont immediately have contact and offers from programs in the summer.
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