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Jan 14, 2020
When does that come up?
At old gym L3 DD coach started pushing college at me. I just wanted wanted a fun self esteem building experience. In a parent meeting she got irritated and kind of blew up with "She didn't do well on such and such day, she had to do well every day YOU DON'T KNOW WHO S WATCHING!

The owner shot her a look and she shut up didn't say anything else. I found that perplexing. It took me four years but now I wonder now if college scouts were there that day.

Every team parent there has been told their daughter can go to college on a gymnastics scholarship.

Last 12-15 years they have had 5 girls go to college-one go to a Pac 12, two to Ivy League, one to a D2 and one D1 Tumbling. They had L10s but they quit to enjoy high school or were too injured to compete for college.

After all her setbacks I don't know if DD can still try and reach that goal? Or if she ever even had a chance to begin I said everyone there thinks they are going to college...maybe it was just a sales pitch? All told they had 8 on a team and they actively trained 4 year after year. So I kind of wonder do they just need 8 to make it financially feasible to have a coach there?
She really wants to try and get to college on it. One subsequent coach suggested to her she should try and earn a scholarship,but they lost their Optional program and nothing was said to me.
We are at gym now where every L10 has gotten some kind of scholarship some where in either gymnastics, tumbling or cheer.
Should DD ask about it?How and when? Do I? We started there right after lock down lifted. They are still getting to know her and work hours back up, etc. I have never seen her HC in person without a mask.( HC sick during tryout before virus hit) I don't actually even know for sure what she looks like-lol!
After reading that D1 experience and others, I am not sure I want her to go, even if she could make it.
We have a very large team - typically only 1-2 L10s in a given year (though this year a lot more, which is great). Most of our graduating L10's go on to compete in college. But, the general philosophy has NEVER been that all gymnasts will go that route. The gym knows that's not even the desire of most - and that's fine - they want to bring out the best potential in each girl. In general, if you want to compete in college, they indicate it is good to be training L10 by 9th grade (at least a 9/10). And if you don't want to compete in college - I've actually heard that it probably makes sense to stay competing L9 even if you have the skills to be a L10 (though assuming you have the skills, they would be open to the gymnast's perspective).
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