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Jul 19, 2011
Region 9
Well, OTC was fun last night! The boys got to see some of the guys training down there including John Orozco.

Derek had an great meet. He finally hit all 6 events, including a stuck vault (1st all season!). He started on High bar with a 14.7 (4th), Floor was a 14.9 (5th), Pommel horse was gorgeous 15.3 (1st!), RIngs much better with a 15 (9th), Vault stuck and a 15 (7th), Pbars good with a 14.8 (4th). Judging seemed tough over all, but was not bad.

His all around was an 89.7 and he WON THE MEET! He has won other meets where the age groups were divided up (7-8,9,10, etc) but this was his first big win with 7-9 year old all together. I have no idea how many kids were there, but it was a big meet. There were teams from Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, South Dakota, and one other state I can't remember :)

Fun and late night. I love watching him do gymnastics. Their whole team did great. They place 2nd behind the "big" team in the state (our 6 boys against their 20). We were so excited for them.

Now to recover!!!
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That's awesome for him! It was a very good meet for my guy, too, and the team stayed to get some autographs from some of the national team and also a former olympian who coaches "the big team":). I thought the TeamUSA hat was a great participation award. That and the Air Force Academy meets are always my favorites!

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We got to do the autograph thing too....D loved it! And I love the hats...

I love this meet, but I hate the time of the level 5 meet. It was soooo late!!!

Glad Chase did well :)
Wow, what a great meet for him! Congratulations!

I think my son would completely lose it if he saw John Orozco in person.

(Sorry for the double post -- screwed up and cannot figure out how to delete the extra.)
Yeah...he loves meeting the big boys. Makes things more real for him I think! and they had a demo on the floor by Josh Dixon whcih was cool. The boys love that. Jacob Dastrup was there too, and I think there was one more that I can't remember. And the gift was the USA Team hats that they could get signed :) It was awesome. Orozco even gave D his AA gold which was fun for him (D that is!)
I'm sure it was fun for Orozco too! And how cool is it for his mom to see him being the "big guy" now. I hope he makes the Olympic team!
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