MAG Colored handwrap at a meet?

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Feb 5, 2016
Ah.come on and jump in! We have several that have younger boys ;) We love having new MAG parents!!!

Since I kind of feel like I was dared... ;)

Yes, this is a pretty silly question, but I'll go for it anyway.

Son is competing L4 meet tomorrow. Our L4's only compete in local, informal meets, so rules are also much more informal. Son has a bad rip on his hand right now that we have wrapped. However, our wrap is red, and that's not a uniform color (navy & light blue). Does stuff like that generally matter? (I'm assuming white would always be OK.) Our coaches are all with our older boys at regionals so I can't double check with them. (On a separate note, we have no idea who will be coaching our boys at the meet, though we all totally get that the regional boys need the coaches more.) If I need to run out and buy some, I need to do it today, since call time is 7:30 in the morning (yay!). Thanks!
I'm not MAG (I'm WAG obviously lol) but I wouldn't rush out. If you are going to be out, it would be nice to have beige or grey or blue, but since he is at an "informal" meet I doubt it will really matter.
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I'd get a white one. My ds got deductions in his first competition for not removing his wrist bands for a non-grip event. They're very specific! Better safe than sorry (and it will get you all used to the details of the endless deduction possibilities;)).
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I do not know the "official" USAG-rules answer to this, but I know we've been asked to only use white/skin tone tape/wraps at meets for my DD (nothing specified for DS). I'd say, if it isn't too difficult, I'd suggest maybe grabbing some white/skin tone tape/pre-wrap and just keeping it in the comp bag. :)

If you really can't get out, I wouldn't sweat it. Better blue tape than no tape, and coach may even have some white tape along.

Good luck tomorrow!
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Aha! Glad to see my paranoia may have paid off, lol! Yes, I really am kind of thinking ahead - I really do doubt it matters for this particular meet, but I'd rather get certain norms ingrained in my head as early as possible. I only had the red because my son is 7 years old, and a boy, and a gymnast, who lives by dangling from trees and doing flips in the doesn't show the dirt quite as immediately!
Ds is a level 9. He has worn Orange wrist bands, red tape, white tape, black wrist guards, etc. I don't think he has ever gotten a deduction for it. (Now, forgetting to put on his stirrups did get a small deduction, lol) I just asked him and he said he has no idea.
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Well, this was strange...the store I went to was sold out of all but yellow (BRIGHT yellow!) and black. I got some black - my son is biracial so it'll probably be less evident than white, anyway. Thank you all!
So I had to come back and update y'all...after all that, he made it through his first rotation (floor) and decided he didn't like the way it felt, so he took it all off anyway! I guess he knew what was best, he ended up 2nd all-around, with his highest actual score of the season, and 1st in all those grippy events (HB, PB, SR). Well, at least I am now well stocked with black and yellow athletic tapes...
I promise I'll stop after this one, but I was reminded that I wanted to share that the coach left regionals Friday night around 10, drove the 4 hours just to get back here, got about 3 hours sleep, and came in to coach our meet - just to be with his L4 guys. <3 Then he had to drive 4 hours back to regionals! We all thought that was totally beyond awesome of him - it would have been so, so easy to blow off the little guys and have a substitute coach from the gym. I know it meant a lot to my son, just hoping the other kids understood it a little too!
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