Commitee messing things up as usual...

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Hey everyone!
Just doing a little bit of venting about a few members on our Commitee

The other day HC was talking to our other coach (lets call him Fred) about how the Commitee was edging HC out of her position (club and coach co-ordinator AND Head Coach) as co-ordinator. She told me to tell my dad about it because he listens to her and helped her out with issues in the past.
So I told dad and he went NUTS!!! He called HC and they were on the phone for ages discussing what to do...and it turnes out that the head of Commitee and the Secretary are the ones doing the edging and heven't told the rest of the Commitee, all of whom would definatly not agree to this.

So we're all pretty angry at the moment, and just as you thought it couldn't get any worse...HC says she'll stop coaching if shes edged out because the person who will replace her is less that competent...and the same goes for 'Fred' who as well as coaching the Senior group, coaches the boys aswell!

So it looks like we'll have to wait until the Commitee meeting to see what happens...
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