Commonwealth games - which sessions to choose?

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Jan 8, 2015
Anyone thinking of going? Tickets open today.

Thurs - MAG team/individual Quals then team finals
Fri - WAG team/individual Quals then team finals
Sat - MAG & WAG AA finals
Sun & Monday - Individual apparatus finals MAG & WAG

So for those who have been to international competitions with kids - which session would be best viewing? I'd sit through it all but I'm pretty sure the 11YO and 9YO won't even though they are both gymnasts!

Thanks for any tips! :);)
We will go up for rhythmic but wondering whether to make a family holiday and try to get some athletics or something - but really no one seems that excited do not sure if it's worth it.

And only done nationals but found the kids didn't care when younger if it was finals or qualies. Qualifiers is cheaper.
Though the sat /sun / mon whilst premium sessions go have mag and wag so you can always move around / have more for them to see.
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