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Hey everyone. I have been having lots of posting issues. I wanted to update everyone on Amber.
She completed a very successful season in level 2 and placed in 3 out of 4 at nationals in disney we were very happy.
She then spent 5 weeks at her dad in new york and worked out with their level 3s and basically learned nothing. She returned and she was a mess. So she has been back a month and her first meet is in 2 weeks.
She knows all the routines and has all the skills, but her vault is still not great and everything else needs to be cleaner and get a little tweak here and there.My concern is this:

Last year we moved mid season and she fought all year to catch up and rise to the top. She did this great. This year she has an expectation of getting 9s that I do not believe she will see at the first few meets. The first two meets are the sept 26 and oct 2.

However she is a natural competitor and always does better in competition then she does in practice.

How do you not get stressed for that first meet?


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Medic - I think everyone gets stressed the first few meets, and that is normal. I would just explain to her that she has not had her normal practices and that it is perfectly normal that it will take some time to get back to top form. The first couple meets really are to get you back into the swing.

I know it will be hard for her not to be disappointed if she does not do as well as she would like. My DD had the flu and then Pneumonia last year and missed about 2 weeks of gym. Her first meet after that - we did not expect to go well, she had lost a bit of weight and strength. We simply told her to have fun (which we always tell her) and also not to get upset if she falls or does not have a good meet and explained why. She had her worst meet ever, but she had a blast and never said a word about how she 'did'.

Best of luck. I think you will be surprised at how well you DD gets that she won't be in top form at the first couple of meets.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Its always nerve wracking at the beginning of the season especially when its a new level. You and dd still don't know what to expect. Downplay all expectations for 9s and medals etc. Remind her she is competing at a new level so that in itself is an accomplishment. The 1st couple of meets are a time for her to learn----get a feel for what she's doing well and what still needs work---and everyone still needs to work on something!!

Talk about just doing her best and the more time she spends back in her own gym, the more things will click for her. Also its better to get build on those AA scores as the season goes on than have 1 great early meet and go on a downhill slide.

You have to keep in mind she is only L3(not even competed in some states) and talking too much about placements, scores and all that can bring burn out before she's a L6.

Best wishes for a great new season!


It is perfectly normal for both her and you to be nervous before meets. Just remember - the whole purpose of competing at the lower levels is to get used to competing and getting the nerves out early. Good luck to her at her upcoming meets.
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