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Mar 6, 2016
My daughter will begin competing soon, and I'm wondering about hair for competition. Her hair is short, but it can still get in the way. It's about ear level in the front, and it's shorter in the back. It's also very curly. It's far too short to tie up, especially at the back. Normally for practices, we tie 4 or 5 tiny ponytails at the sides of her head and leave the back flying around since it's too short. Would that be acceptable for meets? If not, what else can we do?


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Feb 13, 2015
Ask your daughters coach.

Basically can't be a safety issue (i.e., no hair in eyes), or a distraction (as in they would be messing with it).

When my girls hair was on the shorter side (bob), we clipped sides back, used gel and spray to keep tamed and in place.


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Sep 2, 2014
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One of DD's teammates had short hair like that and they would do a braid from one temple to the other across the front like a headband, with the end of the braid ending behind her ear. This kept the hair from flopping around and kept it out of her face. The back stayed down because it was above the nape of her neck.

If the front is too hard to braid (or like me you're just not able to braid that well), I think it's just important that the hair stay out of her face. I would do the 4-5 ponies straight back toward the back of her head and as close/tight to the scalp as possible so that they stay back even when she is flipping around vs. flopping around her face.


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Feb 10, 2016
I personally believe that judges see and and take into account, lack of effort. Definitely it won't be more important than technique, but all other things being reasonably equal. It will matter...and it might even keep you from getting that initial first glance. I'm often helping our newcomers with hair, and while I'm decent at it, it is by no means perfect.
Sometimes I draw ideas from here
or from this YT channel Rinterest also offers some really amazing ideas.


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Sep 4, 2008
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