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I was hoping some of the moms out there could post some photos of their daughter's hair for competitions. I am trying to get good ideas and I think it would be fun to see what everyone does. Thanks to Carina for already helping me out some!
You are welcome Gym4life. I will still post the ones I have sent you already, so others can see.

Will have to do it later, Photobucket doesn't seem to be working right now.:confused::rolleyes:
I have posted these before on another forum, but here are a couple of shots of my dd:

This first one was how she would were her hair 2 seasons ago. I had to pay to have this done, but we called it "twisties" and the salon could do all different designs in their head.


This next one is how dd wore her hair this past season. It's not as busy as the first picture, but I can do this one myself - so it was far cheaper! :D


We also curl the ponytail too. If her hair is shorter, we do pigtails.

I was fortunate enough to get her not to use the sparkle spray in her hair. I really hated it, it would get everywhere. :rolleyes:
Awesome, she looks great. The 2nd picture is a bit like how my dd had the first competition in 2006. Didn't have to pay for it though, had a friend do it. We are not allowed to use glitter and all that kind of stuff. Just gel.

Here are a few pictures of my dd's.

The first 2 are from her first competition:



And the next 2 are from last FEbruary:



At our competitions the girls all have their hair done in nice simple but elegant buns, with their scrunchie around it. Then it's sprayed and geled into place. They look quite stunning. Sorry I don't have any pic's to show you.
Carina and Granny--your dds look adorable. Cute hairstyles. At our gym there is none of that. Rule for meets is hair is either in a bun or in a high pony(they are curled). Any clips must be the color of the hair so they blend in. They do put the scrunchies that go with the meet leos around the bun or pony. I would say about 95% wear the high pony.They are allowed to do the glitter spray. The coaches joke that after a meet their shirts and one side of their pants are usually covered in glitter from the hugs given after each event
meet hair styles

This is my area. I am the team hair care specailists. First Can you braid french braid, cornrows or twist? All my styles require you to know how to do this. I am the team mom up at 6 am to get the girls ready for there meets. The best tip I can give you is this always do your childs hair at night and wrap it in a head scarf. The natural weight of her sleeping head helps weight down the wisps especially after you use gel and hair spray. A satin/nylon scarf is best less friction on the hair causes less split ends and flyaways. For you clean freaks dirty hair styles better then clean hair so dont wash it the day your are going to style it. For really cool hairstyles always go to a college campus. The teenage girls who grew up doing hair on the front porch will show you how to do a great style for low cost. I can think of tons of styles but they are hard to explain. i'd have to show you on a kids head. the best style for a non braider is the web with the lil rubber bands. they come in wonderful colors to match most leos. you can find the ouchless kind at Sallys beauty shop online. For you anti gel types. My daughter's best hair accesorie is curling ribbon. The kind you use at Christmas. I go around her head in a circle part. I put about 8 sections into rubber bands i tie alternating curling ribbon on each section pull up into a high pony and curl. I curl the curling ribbons into curls alot with her hair. the best name we have gotten for this style is firecracker. It looks like fire works ontop of her head. the judges always comment also on how nice it looks. I have used gel with glitter but i make it myself. the glitter is in larger pieces and leave less tell tale sign on other people. As the parent of an asthmatic the spray can sparlkes set off her attacks, i will try to put a photo online...
All I can say is "WOW". You moms are GOOD! I have two older boys and not so good at girlie hair yet. Not sure what I will have to do when my DD competes (she has just started level 4) but I hope it's not as difficult as these hair do's LOL! I have mastered the high curlie-do because of cheerleading, but my DD hates that. Funny I used to french braid my own hair but can't do it on her. Guess I will have to start practicing!
When I was little I always wore my hair in a bun. As I got older I started doing french braid and corn row type stuff for meets, because my hair was long. The gym I currently coach at (because I left my home state) has their compulsary girls all do their hair in buns, and we use the scrunchie that matches the leo.
My sister usually has her hair in french plaits for meets. When her hair was longer my mum would turn up the ends of the plaits and add ribbons. Sometimes she uses the sparkle spray (only if her friends do!)

Sometimes she has her hair in the 'spider web' like in the second picture that Granny Smith posted.
All I can say is "WOW". You moms are GOOD! I have two older boys and not so good at girlie hair yet. Not sure what I will have to do when my DD competes (she has just started level 4) but I hope it's not as difficult as these hair do's LOL! I have mastered the high curlie-do because of cheerleading, but my DD hates that. Funny I used to french braid my own hair but can't do it on her. Guess I will have to start practicing!

I can certainly relate:p I can't french braid at all.... At least you can do the curlies.... I had to put curlers in A's hair once - oh my goodness what a disaster! my boys being 12 & 14 are so simple:D The hard part is getting them to shower everyday - with soap LOL...

CUTE hair all!!! & lots of great ideas too.... for wispies, because we do a lot of buns, I use ION spray gel from sally's - works great, and then comb it back with a fine tooth comb, so it is smooth... we use the gel every single day - nic
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Wow, the response to this topic has been great! You guys are incredibly good. If I could make a request, I would like to see the "web" style from a close up top view if anyone has a pic like that. Also, purpleterah, you should definitely post some photos of your creations, you sound like the master!
Ingymmom--Right now, my daughter is using hair clips at practice becuase she is growing out side bangs(her mature style?) and she has to keep them back out of her face. Same clips she uses at meets that you can get at any WalMart etc.

Blackie--Before you stress over hair(and I know where you're coming from!), check with the coaches about what they require or prefer for meets. I think on little ones, just a nice curled pony looks sweet and it doesn't cause a major meltdown for the parent!

BTW---Any of you real hair experts know of something that can be put in or on the hair to hold the curls of the pony over a long day? My daughter has very straight fine hair, so just getting it to curl is an issue. Usually if its a traditional format meet, by the end of the 2nd event, the curls have started to unwind and look droopy.
GLM - I am definately not an exp. hair mom:D, & my dd has pretty long hair but it is also thin & heavy - not great curly combos, I had to do curlies for my dd's ballet & boy was it a learning exp for me.... first couple of days were pretty tragic, but I did (after the 3rd day of shows) finally figure out how to do great curlies in my dd's hair.. by the last day of the show I finally made it work... AND it actually kept for a 1pm show and a 7pm show on the same day. That gel I mentioned - ION spray gel - I swear by this gel... I sprayed on hair when it was damp, pulled the area I needed to into a pony tail, curled it with the soft conair curlers from Target - we used about 100, the more you use the better the hair stays:) - dd slept with them in... the next day I sprayed the gel on 1 more time with a light mist, let it dry. When I took the curlers out I sprayed each one with Aussie sprunch spray from bottom to top. It really worked great & did last for about 9 hrs... was a ton of work & personally I thought the fake curlies you can purchase would have been fine, but our company says nope... so it may be worth trying - nic
hair ignorant

It seems that there's not a whole lot I could do for my dd's hair since she likes it in the short bob that she has now. It's real short in the back and slopes down a little longer towards the front. What can I do for hair like that? She's tender headed and HATES it when I try to fix her hair and I'm afraid to try cool little twisties and corn rows and what-not. On the other hand, I can hardly make a straight part, lol. I'm hopeless! :eek:
GLM - I learned this trick from a dancer. First use soft roller style rollers to do her hair the night before. dont wash it dirty hair holds curl better then freshly washed hair. The big screy to get her hair to hold the curls is after you removed the rollers for the mmet you wrap her hair in a color matching hair net and pin and then you place her comp leo hair scrunchie around it.

IGM- For your dd do you frech braid if so the best style for her is three french braid done half way to the back of her head. Then braid each braid until the end. the hair of her hair you have left down will go up into a pony tail. Once in a pony braid the remaining hair. flip the braid up in a swinging loop fashionhold with elastic. neatly wrap fourth braid around pony pin in place. elengant yet when she is inverted hair will not cover eyes etc.

i am looking for pictures to post soon..
As for clips according to USAG hair clips are allowed. My favorite hair clips are found at the local dollar store. They were in the shape of stars. There were two sets of variuos colors and I stood there and chnaged the sets so she had 4 to match her comp leo. these clips gave her hair pizzazz to her then curlie pony without spray gel
Wow, what a cool thread! Great pics, can't wait to see more when the season starts especially from purpleterah. I'll try to find some to post of my dd.
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