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Aug 3, 2007
Does anyone know of a company that has a variety of in-stock competition leotards? Long story-I'll explain later but my dd and another teammate will be competing individually in 8 weeks, but they don't have a team or a team leo. They need a green or preferably dark green color, long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve, and she doesn't really like velvet. GK doesn't have any in stock of this color and neither does Snowflake or Dreamlight Activewear. I really don't want to go through the custom-order process when there is the chance of it not fitting and we are pressed for time, as most companies need at least 8-10 weeks to make and ship them. So, does anyone know of a company with a web site that might have something like this in-stock? If we can't find anything, GK does have the perfect sleeveless leo that we might go with. Thanks everyone! (For those of you that are familiar with my postings, I'm not ready to change my name yet, but I'll keep you up on my dd's new developments!!) :)
I would try Alpha Factor. They may not have something fancy in green, but I think they sell basic long sleeve leos in a variety of colors.
Ebay has EVERYTHING! Check out the Ebay "stores" too. I had a friend in a similar situation recently (only prep op in the gym). She bought a gorgeous LS comp leo for $60.
Try Down East / GK Elite.

This is the company's outlet in Reading PA. Google them and give them a call. They have a lot of comp leos there in stock. They are super nice and I typically order over the phone 3 times a year. They will go through the racks with you on the phone. They may have something that you can use.
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