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I am a sophmore on my high school's JV gymnastics team. I Just started gymnastics this winter, and I am already competing. I am a dancer so floor comes a bit easier. I competed floor yesturday and got a 6.6 with a neutral deduction of .2

I know some of the simple deductions but can anyone please give me a list of the appearance neutral deductions?
I know
1) no undergarments showing
2) no nail polish
3) no jewelry
4) no riding up (leos)
5) same leo as whole team
6) hair back

are there anymore im missing?
I know i didnt get a deduction for warming up before or picking wedgies, or even a spot.

I've already talked to my coach after seeing my score sheet.

did you go out of bounds a couplw times?

Was your routine over the time limit? Its .10 for being overtime, and .10 each time you step over the white line.
Well I know my music wasn't over, pretty sure I didn't go out of bounds..

any other ideas??

thanks though!!!
They can deduct you if they don't think your dance is synched to your music. I'm not sure what it is though. Do they not list your deductions on the score sheet?
I did not know that there was a deduction for leos riding up. Better get some butt glue before next meet. My team suit this year rides up A LOT.

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