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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Hi, I am new to the Chalkbucket. Not sure if this is where to ask my question.

My daughter has just turned 7 and is on a pre-team at her gym. She is currently Level 3. She will be competing in 4 meets this year.

My question is general - What is a Rookie 1, Rookie 2 and Novice?

Welcome to CB. Those names are not anything that is used by USAG. Might be names for levels or age groups used in your area or by your gym.
I think they are terms for
your gym not anything from
the proper levels. I hope
this helps a little bit! But
Im still new im not perfectly
sure and alll. Sorry =(
They are levels within a Prep Optional program supported by some states. It's an alternative to the Compulsory program, and runs in parallel with it. So, instead of Levels 4, 5, 6, a Prep Optional program might have Rookie, Novice, Prep, and they might break each into two levels, leaving Rookie 1, Rookie 2, etc. The main advantage is that it allows the children to perform optional routines within each event, instead of the identical compulsory routines. Tennessee, for example, has allowed vaults at the Rookie Level (I think they call it P1) that are punch fronts to an 8" mat, with different starting values for tuck, pike, layout. This is an alternative to the flatback required of level 4.

Each system has its advocates and detractors.
Not open for further replies.