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Oct 4, 2009
I have already posted my results but i don't think i posted a video of my routines. This was lvl 4 comp about a month ago. I appreciate any feedback any of you coaches, judges or gymnasts have.

I was a little unhappy with floor as i lost a whole mark for having a skill that has very recently been taken out. and that cost me first on floor but i still got third so meh.
looks good. This isn't USAG L4? Doesn't look familure at that.

Just watch out for those extra baby steps.
no its not usag L4 its Australian level 4 open (slightly easier than level 4 national - there are 3 streams in australia, 1. open 2. National development 3. International development)
Not a coach or judge, just a mommy...thought you did a GREAT job! I'm sure once you put whatever skill you had taken out back in your score will go up, you have a nice floor routine!

Thanks for sharing with us.
Congratulations:D!!! 3rd AA!!! Way To Go:D!!! Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing your video with us!
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