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Our fall season this year starts in late September & ends in mid November (this is Level 4). Then spring season is I believe from March to May.


May 4, 2009
In the Uk it is a bit different: depending on the gymnasts level, age, and club.
Most gymnasts will compete routines made up of compulsory skills in the spring - between 1 and 4 competitions between February and April. The skills are dependent on which track (regional, national, or elite) they are following.

In the autumn all gymnasts will compete routines made up of voluntary skills - again between 1 and 5 or 6 competitions between september and december. The elite track has seperate voluntary competitions to club track gymnasts.

This year, the autumn season begins on 19th september. My gymnasts aged 6-9 may compete in one competition this autumn for experience. In the UK formal competition only begins in the year you turn 9.

sorry, that went on a bit!


Feb 16, 2009
ON, Canada
In Canada...specifically Ontario, Provincial level 5-9 goes from mid November with Ontario Championships falling at the beginning of May, invitationals go into mid June.

For levels 2-4 (and 5-9 only invitational) they start around February and go to Mid/end of June.

My niece is L2...she has an in-house meet in Aug...then comp. starts in late Aug or early Sept....goes through Dec (for states???)
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