For Parents Competitive Gymnastics Near Hilton Head?

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Proud Parent
Jan 20, 2019
We might have the opportunity with fully remote work changes to move to Hilton Head permanently. One of our biggest concerns is finding a good competitive gym for our daughter. She is a 11 year old level 8 with goals of a D1 scholarship. Our gym now is large (180 plus girls)...would be nice if the gym was bigger in terms of space but most of the coaches are good, have connections, girls getting scholarships, etc. She does good with serious but nice coaching - aka - coaches who get frustrated for repeated mistakes but not playing favorites, etc. Any gyms you would suggest within a 20-30 minute drive of the island.


Proud Parent
Aug 17, 2013
It looks like coastal gymnastics is pretty much it in the HHI area. There used to be a gym on island and based on the website it looks like both the on island gym and the one in Bluffton just off island are now owned by the same person. The gym on island is VERY small and unless they have done significant renovation is not set up for high level gymnastics. The off island gym is brand new and opened in Jan of 2021. My DD had the opportunity to meet the owner during COVID before the new gym opened and she liked her quite a bit. I am unsure though about the knowledge/ experience of the coaching staff- DD was just doing some light conditioning while we were in the area.

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