Compulsory Bar Drills

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Jul 5, 2007
Anyone have anything they do with (especially to get new level 5s swinging) but compulsories in general after they finish their turn? i.e. something they can do in line or on supplementary equipment without spot. I'd like some new ones. Anything really, body positioning or exercises are good too.
Our normal bars stations when they are not on tbe actual bar would be:
- handstand trainer
- pirouettes on floor bar
- hollow body holds with medicine ball
- squats with medicine ball
- ab roller
- tight body across paralell(sp) bars
- squat on & jump off practice bar
- cast handstands on practice bar
- toe touches on wall bar
- press handstands

hope this is somewhat helpful
John Geddert has a great compulsory bar station DVD- his gym is Geddert's Twistars in Michigan. Im not sure of all the info, but you could call the gym & ask.
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