WAG Compulsory judges, help me settle an argument!

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Proud Parent
Mar 10, 2015
I'm not even going to go into the back argument here, but...

Compulsory judges, this is all about starting position on floor.

My understanding is this: Right-handed gymnasts should start to the right of the judges table on the floor, left-handed gymnasts start to the left side of the table....(for all levels of compulsory).

True? False? Does it matter? Is there a deduction if you start in another corner?

Would you tell a team if they were starting in the wrong corner? (If there is a wrong corner? ;)).


Nov 16, 2006
As everyone has said....regardless of if a child is a righty or a lefty they can start in ANY of the 4 corners.
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Proud Parent
Sep 20, 2014
I agree with everyone that it doesn’t matter where you start in terms of rules/scores. However, for simplicity, a gym may make a standard rule for younger gymnasts who get confused about direction in a new gym. Also, there may be a calculation (again, on the gym’s part only) that it is good for the judges to see (or not see:confused:) their gymnasts’ leaps from the side, or that it is best to be furthest from the judges for a gym-wide ugly tumbling pass....
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