Compulsory state meet for team

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Ah, just back from a great week before the state meet practice! My L3's are looking solid and consistent, heavily favored to win state by a considerable margin. My 4's are FINALLY putting it all together, including my DD's front hip circle and a teammate that has also made them in practices but not in a meet yet. So far, almost every bar routine is a hit for the two of them. I had a teenage two year L5 (two years at a previous gym that went out of business this last summer) make both her kips on bars today!!!!!!!! Two years waiting for those things to finall come to her. Oh, we were loud, it was the most exciting thing. The 6's aren't quite on the same track as the rest of our levels due to sicknesses and missed practices, but they will survive.

Our state meet is next Sat, Dec 13th! Send the "finer points" fairy our way, and I'm going to hold on to the bar fairy for a bit longer if you all don't mind. I also have a Performing Group that is performing a new group routine for all the participants at awards. Send them the "I hope I remember the new routine" fairy!:)

I feel good things a comin' for all our girls, and as a mom I am so excited that this will be the meet my DD puts it all together!!:bars:
Please be sure to let us know how they do. Sending the State Meet fairies your way.

Our L5 & 6 have State this weekend. Our L3's had theirs right before Thanksgiving. They did great w/ 3 out of 5 taking first AA (DD had to scratch due to her broken wrist :( )

Our L4's are next weekend.
Have a great meet, hope all you hard work combined with the Fairy, who is on her way to you, pays off big time.
Not open for further replies.