Conditioning at home?

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Jun 23, 2008
I've made up many different conditioning regimins thoughout my years of being a gymnast but I was wondering what types of idea's you guys have around here for conditioning at home for a level 9??



Handstand pushups against a wall
planche push ups(pushups with feet on top of something)
push ups with arms in
push ups with arms out
reverse push ups
side crunches
oblique crunches
back crunches
hollow holds
hollow rocks
back hollow holds
back hollow rocks
v ups
tuck ups
squat jumps
use a object to jump up on and off of continually
Hold an L sit
straddle press to handstand from a stand
pike press to handstand from a stand
from split straddle press to handstand
from split pike press to handstand
straddle press to handstand from straddle L sit

For Pull Up Bar
over grip pull ups
under grip pull ups
leg lifts
milk shakes(chin up in over grips then while lowering go into a front lever)

The first drill in this article is good:


Whipback has a pretty good list.

I do these things for abs called "uppers and lowers". gymnaSTICKs on here taught me how to do them so maybe she could post and explain.

I do a lotta different kinds of pushups because they are easy to do anywhere. Triangle, regular, wide arm, with feet on something, clapping, where you hold the halfway position.....use your imagination!

I would also add lunges and wall sits (make it even harder with a partner sitting on ur lap) and running stairs/hills to whipback's list too for legs.

I usually try to condition with a partner because it makes it more fun. And a lotta times i'll condition during TV commercials...pick an exercise and do as much as u can when commercials are on until the show comes back on. Then next time pick a different muscle group.

Good luck!!


:D alright, uppers and lowers:

1. uppers: lay on your back and raise your upper body off the floor and lower it back down - repeat 12 times2. lowers: still on your back raise your legs up about two feet of the ground, lower them back down till your feet are barely off the ground. repeat till you get to 12.
3. togethers: combine 1 and 2. do them both at the same time... do 12.
4. then a 12 second hollow hold
5. 12 hollow rockers

then turn over and do basically the same stuff but while laying on your stomach.

** you dont have to do 12 of each - that was just an example, you can do more or less.
Jun 23, 2008
Thanks for the list! I'll be trying to do these daily and I'm sure they'll help me get my muscle back. :)
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