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My 6 years old DD's coach approached me and said that she can move up to the level 4 team , but she needs to condition at home to increase her strength. Does anyone else's child do this and what do they do?
congrats to your little one Medic!! I am sure she is excited:) I always say handstands, handstands, handstands!! Handstands against the wall, on her own etc, these are great for arm strength + she can perfect her handstand at the same time... she can play games to see how long she can hold for, and do push-ups in a handstand position and it is always a lot of fun:D ... you can always add push-ups, sit ups, v-ups, tuck jumps, but only if she finds them fun. My dd loves to put 2 chairs together and do leg ups and push-ups but I only allow her to do that when I am there watching. Good luck and my best to your little one - lgcm
I agree--handstands, handstands, handstands! As a coach i suggest having your gymnast do her handstand with her stomach to the wall and her hands as close to the wall as possible--to ensure that she has a flat body position. Try doing press handstands against the wall also and away from the wall.
Congrats on the potential move up. I'm sure your daughter is very excited. I would ask the coach to be a little more specific as far as strength. Does she need to work on upper body more, abs, legs??? Is she getting some basic strength work in her classes now? See if the coach wouldn't mind spending a few minutes showing you some things she could do at home. That way, you and the coach are both working toward the same goal. The suggestions that were given here were great ones.

My daughter used to just get her bike out and go for a ride. Her older sister would ride along and the goal would be to ride continuously for a certain period of time---she would gradually do longer and longer rides. Its not as structured as straight exercises and got her outside. It does help build leg muscles and certainly cardio. If you have access to a pool, swimming is great! Its non impact, helps with cardio and she can work all the muscles in her body.

I think the challenge with the younger ones is to do the strength in a fun atmosphere otherwise they get bored/lose interest because at their age, they don't see how doing a bunch of v-ups will help them get that kip on bars.
The suggestions given already are great. I think it totally depends on how your daughter feels about strength training. We do it on Sundays at home for my son because his coaches asked us to add an at home strength day. My daughter joins in just because she likes it. If you have a child that is gung-ho about it then it will be easy. We do v-ups, hollow rocks, arch rocks, crunches, chair dips, leg lifts hanging from the pullup bar, pull ups, push ups, L-seats and straddle holds, tuck jumps, and spider walks. The whole thing takes only about 1/2 and hour to 45 minutes to run through, depending on how motivated my son is to get it done! :) Good luck to your daughter and congratulations to her on being invited to team! She must be super excited.

Congratulations to your daughter!

I would ask the coach to clarify what areas he/she wants your daughter to work on. When our coach tells someone to do something at home, she is very specific about what exercise and how often.
Yes she is very excited. Yesterday her coach had her come and watch the level 4 girls practice. When they were doing conditioning they invited her to join them. She did well. Today she got her first rip from the bars. So she is walking around with tape on her hand. It is too cute. She is very happy she has wanted this since she was 3.
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