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Dec 8, 2007
Hey. I'd like to start a conditioning thread..... Idk we can all post our workouts on here so that we can change it up and do other things.

At my gym we do A LOT of abs and hollow holds and stuff like that.
So please post conditioning that we can all do at home just on mats or something or with a pullup bar too.........


There's a great one for arms. You do one push up, then you raise your arms one time above your head (bent to straight, like doing a push up in the air). Then you do it with two, three, etc. until 15. It appears as though it would be easy, but it's deceptive. I've got more, but there's a start.


one of my favorites for legs is 30-20-10 with mountain climbers (really you can do this with anything) but you do 30 and then rest for 10 seconds, then do 20 and rest, and so on.


Tabata anything. Pick an exercise or two and do 8 sets of each as the following.

All out for 20 seconds and rest for 10. If you're doing more than 1 exercise, you can do more if you do then in a circuit rather than doing 8 rounds of air squats and then doing 8 sets of V-ups.

You can do 8 rounds of 3 or 4 exercises and that is only going to take you 16 minutes. Not bad really. I don't think I ever had the time in an adult class to go that long or to condition for the gymnasts. I did 5 rounds and that was just about the most time I could give it to and still have to stretch and explain the exercises before hand.

I find it's easier to do 20 on 10 off than 45 on 15 off. Most kids and gymnasts just get too fatigued/bored and will give up after 20 or so seconds. If you have more than 2 exercises and it is a circuit, you can adjust so you can don't get too fatigued in one muscle group. For example doing dips and handstand pushup ( variants ) is a bit brutal than doing dips, then v-ups, then handstand shrugs, then squat jumps.

As for a bunch of different workouts, go to drillsandskills/workoutlog and sign up for more gymnastic oriented ones ( and gymnasticbodies soon ) or

For conditioning I would use the 20 on 10 off protocol ( Dr. Tabata method ). Often for just doing circuits with the kids I would use the 45 on 15 off, if it was more skill oriented like this:

1 kid doing rope climb
1 kid doing kick to handstand flatback
1 kid doing press handstands with me or handstand hold
1 kid doing candlestick to one leg stand alternating
1 kid doing straddle L or L sit
1 kid doing leg lifts
1 kid doing casts
1 kid doing straight arm pulls ( sit in a straddle and hold a med ball with straight arms and lift overhead, can also be done with theraband

This was an easy way to do conditioning with developmental classes or recreational classes and even smaller team groups.

Count numbers or seconds held and go for the most points.
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