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Aug 24, 2017
Hey guys! I recently had surgery on a dislocated toe that wouldn't go back in, but now I'm on crutches and in plaster for a while. Does anyone have any ideas of conditioning exercises I could do so when I'm plaster-free I won't be too far behind? Thanks :)
You can do abs and arms (hollow holds etc.) , bars conditioning maybe (leg lifts etc.) Make sure you wear a weight on the other leg to prevent uneven muscle development.

Good luck!
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My dd was non weight bearing for a bit last year and she did a lot of floor barre workouts. She said they were really hard and helped her to keep strong. Her pt was impressed that really her only muscle loss was inside the boot. You can find lots of them on YouTube.
I broke my tibia (shin) last fall and then had ankle surgery at the beginning of the summer. I was in a boot for 6-8 weeks each time, not a hard cast. I did a lot of pilates videos to stay in shape, modifying push-ups and such to go from my knees rather than my toes.
I'm in a moon boot at the moment for torn ligaments in my ankle, I have been doing this:

- 50x single leg V snaps
- 50x tuck snaps
- 50x Russian twists with a 4kg medicine ball
- 50x V snaps
- 50x partner sit ups with 4kg ball

Repeat 4 times

Then do:
- 1 min hollow hold
- 1 min arch hold
- 30 second hollow flutters
- 30 second hollow scissors
- 30 second arch scissors
- 30 second arch flutters

Repeat that 5 times

Its basically all ab conditioning, but it gets the job done :)
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