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Feb 6, 2014
Twin Cities
My DD is going across the country for two weeks to a summer camp. It's on a college campus, but I have found out that they will not be allowed to use the fitness center. She will be missing the two 30+ hour weeks of team camp (bad timing), and her coaches have warned she will come back month(s) behind her teammates. They have told her to condition where she can. She is committed to conditioning in her dorm as much as she possibly can. They haven't given specific conditioning to do though, and DD does much better with lists. Does anyone have a bodyweight conditioning list that can be done at home (or in a dorm room) that's used for gymnasts? She will be taking a book of body weight exercises, but I am hoping for guidance on reps and sets. She is (most likely) L5, training with the L6/7s at the moment, if that helps at all. Any one with a list they could put here or PM me would be much appreciated!
My dd had to miss a couple of weeks practices. Here's the list her coach gave her.

Hollow body rocks 4 sets of 30

20 press handstands

Handstand push-ups against wall 3 sets of 10

Regular push-ups 2 sets of 20

Wide arm push-ups 2 sets of 20

Single leg squats 2 sets of 10 each leg (hold onto something with one hand)

Candle stick roll jumps 3 sets of 10

Split jumps 2 sets of 10

Handstands (hold as long as you can) 10

V-ups 3 sets of 25

Straddle L’s (hold at least 5 sec.) 5

Leg kicks horizontal or above 3 sets of 10 each leg

Jump rope (200) jumps
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I would add:
triangle push ups 2 sets of 20
leg kicks to each side and behind 3 sets of 10 on each leg
toe raisers 3 sets of 25
frog jumps 2 sets of 25
fire hydrants 2 sets of 25 each leg
leg lifts - front, back, side (top leg, bottom leg, both legs) 2 sets of 20 each
handstand push ups against a wall 3 sets of 10

Depending on room layout and type of bed & frame, she may be able to do body lifts (legs secured, face down... lift up - helps if most of the torso is suspended over air)
Another idea (especially if she will have pool access):
Day 1
· 20 minute cardio workout, which can be swimming laps in a pool or ocean, roller blading, jogging or 30 minutes on a bicycle
· 3 sets of 20 regular push ups, chin touches
· 3 sets of 30 table-top tricep push ups
· 3 sets of 20 “hershey kiss “ push ups
· 5 (1 minute each) handstand holds against a wall or with partner
· 5 (1 minute each) push up position hollow body holds, shoulders rounded, passed hands
· If you can find a place to do chin ups, 4 sets of 5

Day 2
· 20 minute cardio workout, same ideas as Day 1
· 3 sets of 35 power crunches
· 3 sets of 25 butt-up crunches
· 3 sets of 30 tuck ups
· 3 sets of 20 V-ups
· 5 (1 minute each) hollow body holds
· 3 (1 minute each) superman holds
· 3 sets of 20 back crunches (laying on your stomach someone holds your feet)
· 3 sets of 15 opposite alternating arm/leg raises on stomach
· 3 sets of 15 pike leg lifts, hands flat at knees

Day 3
· 20 minute cardio workout, preferably in a pool. Avoid jogging, this is a legs day
· 5 passes of frog jumps legs together
· 5 passes of frog jumps legs apart
· 5 passes of skips with ankles to your knees
· 8 passes of sprinting
· 5 passes of jogging with knees up
· 5 passes of jogging kicking your butt
· 5 (2 minutes each) sits against a wall
· 3 passes of tuck jumps (all the way to your chest)
· 1 set of 30 calf raises in all three positions, feet turned in, turned out and straight

Day 4
· 1 minute hollow body hold
· 1 minute superman hold
· 30 power crunches
· 30 power crunches – 90 degree knee bend
· 30 power crunches – legs completely straight and pointed toes
· 30 right side and left side crunches
· 30 butt ups – legs straight, toes pointed, arms out
· 30 second superman rockers – arms straight and in front of face
· 30 second hollow body rockers – arms over head
· 25 slow arm raises – laying on belly, candlestick hands
· 1 minute elbow plank hollow body hold, arms parallel, ribs in, bottom down
· 25 v-ups, arms over head
· 15 pike leg lifts, hands flat, shoulders forward
· 1 minute handstand hold against wall, third shape

Day 5
· 20 regular push ups, chin touches
· 1 minute handstands hold, third shape
· 30 triceps push ups (table tops)
· 10 clapping push ups
· 15 airplane push ups
· 10 deep shoulder shrugs in handstand against the wall
· 25 slow arm raises – laying on belly, candlestick hands
· 30 second planche hold, rounded shoulder blades, feet 3 inches off floor
· 20 elbows in push ups
· 1 minute handstands hold, third shape
· 20 hershey kiss push ups
· 15 wide arm push ups

Day 6
· 1 minute wall sit, arms up (90 degree leg bend)
· 50 slow calf raises working keeping ankle bones touching on a step (stairs)
· 15 four counters (fire hydrants) each leg
· 40 butt crunches
· 25 frog jumps, legs together
· (2) 1 minute hops on one leg, jumping on toe (each leg 2 times)
· (2) 1 minute split holds each way (6 minutes all total)
(use pillow/cushion for more resistance if needed)
· 15 straddle single leg lifts each leg
· 1 minute wall sit, arms up (90 degree leg bend) – 30 seconds with Rt leg straight, 30 seconds with Lt leg straight
· 30 second pike sit with knees locked, toes curled under
· 30 jumping lunges, alternated legs
· 30 inner and outer thigh leg lifts on both legs (120 total), laying on side, flexed heel

Pick one day to rest. Repeat the next week :)

list "stolen" from a team we compete against :)
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