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Sep 10, 2008

I am an "old" gymnast getting back into the gym for fun & good exercise. I am having a hard time with what conditioning I can do either at the gym or home, besides good old fashioned crunches and push-ups. I was wondering what are some of your favorites you have your team members do for conditioning. All suggestions welcome & appreciated. :eek:


While you're at it, check out Welcome to Gymnastic Bodies Website ( while it might seem advanced and apparatus oriented, there is still a lot without rings or bars and just parallettes ).

As well, ya might as well check out CrossFit Exercises . While a lot of this has to do with Olympic or Barbell lifting besides other stuff there is still some on bodyweight exercises.

Exercise, kettlebell strength training, conditioning, diet and health: the ultimate fitness workout has a variety of bodyweight programming including gymnastics strength articles.

Power Athletes Magazine is another similar site to dragon door.

RossTraining - Bridging The Gap Between Ordinary and Extraordinary also is another bodyweight conditioning site you may find useful.

A bunch who work out with TipGuy at Drillsandskills are a bunch of old fogey gymnasts as the girls used to call us. Bronze age gymnasts ( I'm not but some of them could be! )
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