Anon conditioning when sore

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Jan 17, 2023
Is it ok to do conditioning on the days you wake up and feel sore?I know it’s good to push your self and do hard things but I’m wondering if there’s a limit. On the days I do feel super sore and condition anyway I just wake up more sore the next day, but isn’t that what builds strength? I’m confused. When I REALLY cannot do anything gymnastics related I just go for a long walk or short run outside but I don’t think that is considered conditioning. I don’t want to skip conditioning since it’s only 40 to 60 minutes of discomfort but I’m worried I’ll get too tired and not make any progress on skills. On the other hand, if I DO skip conditioning then I might lose the little strength I do have overtime. I have skipped some conditioning in the past few weeks, and my round off back handspring is already starting to look and feel sloppy. Yet, my arms and back feel much less tired and uncomfortable since they don’t really do anything outside of practice. I feel scared I will lose skills if I don’t continuously push myself…..but I also don’t want to overdo it and strain a muscle or something. Please help.
If you are really sore you should do something very easy just to get the blood flowing (like a slow jog for 30 minutes or something like that) for one day and take the following day completly off. After that you should be good to go. Training too much is as bad as training not enough. Training smart is really important, you only have one body and will need to use it for many years to come.