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Proud Parent
Aug 3, 2009
In The Boondocks
Okay this past week I have "caught" Kadee doing things.
1. Feet together on the couch, hands shoulder width apart on the floor and a dog toy under her nose. She does push ups this way, coming down until she touches the dogs toy with her nose..holds 5 seconds, then presses up to straight arms, then holds 5 seconds. Repeats 10 times.

2. Sit ups, this is pretty standard..just tucks feet under couch. She does them really slow. Says she is supposed to. Supposed to be smooth, clean movements..not jerky and cant just fall back to floor.

3. Found her down stairs in the playroom with her flexi beam folded in half. Doing "over splits" (she really wasnt "over" splittnig

4. Outside on the monkey bars. She does pull ups 10X both ways, hands facing her and facing away from her.

5. Monkey bars again. She does a free hang, (hands facing away) points her toes, and brings her toes up and touches her fingers with her toes.

6. Hangs on bar pulls up to where her eyes are just above bar, arms at 90 degree angle, and holds for 15 seconds 10X hands facing both ways

She says this is things she does at gymnastics during conditioning. I have not watched a gymnastics practice since school started this year. (guess i really

I just worry if this sounds she doing it in a safe way? I know the equipment they have at the gym is different than what we have at home, and she is improvising...but it seems okay to me, but..what do i know. Does this sound normal? She just turned 5 and is L2 "team".

Is this strength and flexibility she needs now, or is it corisponding with the training they are doing for future use. Such as they are working with her on her a L2 she doesnt do a BHS.

Just wondering if this is L2 conditioning, or preping her for body, getting it ready for new skills they maybe teaching in the future?

I will talk to her coach wednesday, maybe ill go sit there all practice and see what shes up to these days. I just feel silly sometimes, like im asking such idiotic questions.

Okay im
She sounds great! So strong all those pull ups. Good for her.
Thanks. She has always been very strong. So she has that going for I was just wondering if this is normal for kids her age and level to condition to that level? Or is she actually doing things she hears the coach telling the "big girls" to do? I will probably ask the coach Wednesday when I pick her up from practice (if I dont just watch the practice this time..havent seen one since school started). But I always feel silly asking things like that, esp if it is something she told her to do...because then I come off as either looking like i think thats too much for her, or not believing her. Either way Im a nut But thats better than her doing something that her body's not ready for her to do yet because she is sooo stuck on wanting to be like the "big girls". Thats why I was asking. I guess im looking for a bunch of people to say..oh no thats biggie. LOL
I knew I was in trouble the day my DD asked for a chin up bar as a birthday gift :)

She does her chin ups (tries for 12 now) hands each way and leg lifts (the toes to fingers) every night and has been for a long time now. She also does a lot of v sits and push ups and stretching. She tends to watch TV in a straddle. lol

I checked with the coach before getting her the bar and got the ok for her to do this at home, i too was worried!

The thing that amuses me most is my kid LOVES doing the conditioning. I think only a gymnast would do sit ups for FUN :p
I'm no expert, but it sounds similar to the kind of stuff my DD does in gym class. Only difference is, my DD would never do conditioning by herself at home, she would find it far too tiring!
DD is 6 and a level 3 and this sounds like pretty "typical" conditioning done during her practices. If she is motivated to do it outside of the gym-- let her IMHO

DD's coaches always give homework of some sort- 10 chin ups a day, or 10 push-ups, splits 20 secs each way, etc....
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