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Apr 12, 2017
So, how long does your gym do conditioning in the gym? Do you do conditioning at home? Do you have to do conditioning at home and during breaks?
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We do conditioning at the gym for around an hour to 40 minutes.. But we also do conditioning during events. Yes I do conditioning at home. My coach gave us a Geddart's Twistars conditioning sheet which is very helpful in conditioning at home. And lastly, no we do not HAVE to do conditioning during breaks and at home, but I mean gymnastics basically revolves around strength and flexibility, so lets be real here, if you aren't doing any conditioning, it is going to be a struggle for you to do gymnastics well. Just my opinion.
We spend 30 minutes of practice conditioning. Lately I have been doing a lot of conditioning due to an injury, at least 2 hours of pure conditioning. If I feel like I am lacking in a certain area (wrist strength, glutes, arms/abs) I will do a set of pt exercises, L-leglifts, etc. Sometimes I will try to challenge myself by doing a sprint workout or completing a hard conditioning list. Over breaks I won't do anything major as I am busy with other things.
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