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Dec 8, 2007
Hey. Can you please give me some new ab conditioning to do? We do it at gym obviously but I want to do some at home too and I'm kinda tired of our old routine. Also If you have any other good conditioning for me to do thats not nessecarily abs that I can do at home please post! Thanks!


A lot of pilates movements are really good, if you're looking for different. If you have a pull-up bar you can do leg lifts and windshield wipers( bring your toes up to the bar and control from side to side)
Dec 8, 2007
A lot of pilates movements are really good, if you're looking for different. If you have a pull-up bar you can do leg lifts and windshield wipers( bring your toes up to the bar and control from side to side)

Ok thanks! My pull up bar broke. I'm trying to get my dad to pick up a new one............


Those exercises are good, but i find they tend to work the hip flexors rather than the abs, and this can decrease your flexibility severely

Try lying on your back in a tuck position, with your head off the floor and tour knees up to the ceiling, keep your back still, rounded and on the floor, and slowly straighten your legs as close to the ground as you can, when you are fully extended make sure that you squeeze your bottom, do these slowly in about reps of 20-30 depending on your strength. You can also do this one leg at a time, circling forward or backwards, or do both legs like a bicycle motion.

A really difficult stomach exercise which i like is dish circles :- lie on your back with your shoulders rounded off the floor and your legs straight out infront of you raised about 6 inches off the floor, squeeze your bottom and hold it for ten, then slowly do a giant circle to the right with your legs, do ten circles and make them smaller every time, so that by the last one your cirlce is tiny, make sure your shoulders neck and head are rounded and off the floor at all times, and there is no hollow in your back. Also make sure you repeat this to the left to work the opposite muscles. This exercise is great because it targets the whole of your abdominals, the bottom, middle, top and sides, which alot of people tend to forget about.

Hope this Helps!!


You could do pulsed crunches:

Start in a regular bent-knee situp/crunch position and sit up, touching elbows to thighs.

Go back down only HALFWAY, then QUICKLY "pulse" back up so you touch again.

Do eight pulses, 8 pulses make up one repetition.

Your back can touch the ground in between repetitions.

See if you can manage 8 repetitions, then work up from there.

It's an "ouchie but goodie" lol


Heel Drive Drills

My Higher gymnast's have a huge problem with heel drives in the vault. I have some drills, but is not working so good. Has anybody got any drills I could try?;)
Feb 8, 2008
My daughter was told to lay on the floor in a tuck position and rock, BUT you need to put about a 5 lbs weight on your abdomin to make it challenging. Rock until you can't rock any more and then stop and do it again, this has really made a difference in her abdominal muscles.


for conditioning: do some 10 min abs so like for the first minute you do crunches, and the second minute you do v-ups, and the third minute you do hollow rocks. and then when it gets to five minutes repeat your 5 exercises.

lunges are really really really good for your legs so you should do some lunges and then a hop in between to another lunge.

for arms hold a handstand for as long as you possibly can without breaking form. then hold your arms out to the side and circle them for as long as you can.

for your back do some arch rockers, or "swimmies"

for the person who asked about heal drive:
at our gym we hold onto the vault and put our torso on it, and lift your legs and pulse up and down. it takes a lot of back strength to do a good heal drive so it is important that their backs are really strong. and then mabye do some front layouts over the vault. :)


Another back conditioning drill is to lay over something and have a spotter hold your feet. Your torso should hang over at pelvis or hip level. From there, lift to horizontal and you work on doing a static holds in there too.
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