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I know nearly everyone here is posting about club gymnastics, but I have to brag about my HSer :) Her HS hosted the varsity conference championship last night and they won---beating the other six teams! One other team made it pretty close, but we were expected to win (were undefeated all season).

Sami (my HSer) did bars and beam and did a great job on both--placing in each. If I get video online, I'll post a link.

Sections are next week--that's where you qualify for State, but since they were moved two years ago into a different section, they're going up against much bigger schools--on in particular that has a club feeding all their girls into it, so chances of any of our girls making State is pretty much Zero.

Beth's meet is Saturday, so I'll post how that went (with video--hopefully) afterwards.


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Feb 26, 2007
That is so exciting. I like hearing about any gymnastics, it's all foreign anyway. Glad the team did so well. That's what it's all about, team spirit.
Aug 3, 2007
Hey- Congratulations from one HS mom to another! It's hard for high school teams to win, especially when there is such a wide range of talent going on out there. We have noticed here that hs gymnastics really grew this year- possibly because of the economy(?). Anyway, the competition is much harder than it used to be, and in a way, it's harder to win than it was in club because these kids are competing against gymnasts that may be several levels ahead of them. So congrats- I know you are proud. We have end of the season tournaments too. Next week is our City and then districts the week after to see who qualifies for state. I know our team won't, but dd possibly could as an individual if she hits her routines that day. As you know, H.S. is very hit or miss so we never know!


Best of luck to your HSer! You never know what a meet will bring, so she may just surprise you!! I wish they had gymnastics when I was in HS.

Good luck to her and whole team.


Good luck to your daughter! And I know--one good day and you never know what will happen. And the range of talent is what I dislike about HS--you're competing against (and being judged against) level 10 type skills/people. At least at club level you are against girls who are (theoretically, at least) the same skill level you are.
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