confused about daughters progress

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My dd Olivia is 4 1/2 years old. SHe'll be five in April. She started gymnastics at the age of three and since then has been progressing at a fairly rapid pace. The owner of the gym that she was at started an advance preschool class and invited her to be a part of it. After just 2 months in the advance class she acquired a cartwheel, backwards roll on floor...
This past April they sold the gym. The new owners got rid of the advance preschool class but since my daughter had some skills they placed her on development team with about 12 7-8year olds(my daughter had just turned 4 at the time). That summer while on development team she aquired more skills (front pullover, backwalkover, handstands, rolls, etc.) She absolutely enjoyed her summer learning what she calls her "tricks" Once school started the gym took her off development and into an "introductory team" basically an advance class for 4 and 5 year olds. Olivia became bored with that class and was losing interest in the sport. Every week was work to get her to class. From august to october she did nothing new nor learned any new skills. My husband and I finally dedcided to look into other gyms. We found a great gym by our house that's a more competitive serious gym. We took her for an evaluation and they placed her in what that gym calls "special team" basically they work with her at whatever level she is at and properly place her at a level when she is ready to compete. My daughter LOVED this new gym. There was no doubt about it. She was excited about gym again. She is currently going 3 days a week for 3 hours a day. The head coach at this gym just moved my dd Olivia to level 4. she is not even five years old yet. I am confused. I am happy about her progress and excited about upcoming compettition but I am also concerened about her body. Is she doing to much....? She does straight conditioning for 3 hours a week. They are working on her backhandspring. Also Olivia can do a straddle press from the floor without a spot. Its part of her conditioning to do a certain number of them. (I think five in a row) She never complains about being sore but she does stretch all day long. (constantly stretching her back and shoulders) Is this a sign of over use or muscles just growing? Also how can I help her from getting bored after learning a new skill?
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